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Ecoherbs NeemCare Scalp Rejuvenation Shampoo For Treating Premature White/Gray/Dry Hair & Beginning Stage Of Hair Loss - 200ml

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Product Information
  • 100% Completely Herbal-Based
  • Processed Without Fuel-Based Heat
  • Mixed From A Special Blend Of Top Quality Herbs, Plants & Enzymes
  • Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) Certified
  • Strict compliance to the highest quality & safety standards of the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Of Malaysia
  • Contains zero chemicals

Product details of EcoHerbs Neemcare Scalp Rejuvenation Herbal Shampoo for Hair Loss/Hair Thinning, Dandruff, Oily/Itchy/Dry/Flaky Scalp, Lice, Headache & Migraine Problems) – 200ml
It consist of below item:
  • 1 x NeemCare Scalp Rejuvenation Shampoo (200ml)
What It Does For You:
Our patented hair re-born NeemCare Herbal Shampoo is formulated from a combination of fruit enzymes, natural tropical herbs and plants. You can feel the difference as it gives off a therapeutic, cooling and “breezy” sensation when applied on your scalp.
This combination produces important micro-organisms, to create a magical effect on your hair roots which makes it a highly effective solution for hair thinning, hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff, oily or flaky scalp, scalp itchiness, lice, dull and dry hair. Nourishes hair structure to remain vibrant, fresh & healthy. Effective for all hair types.

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