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梁瑞生 四瑞 红盒 六堡茶 2009年 LIU BAO TEA Year 2009

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四瑞 红盒 六堡茶 2009年 LIU BAO TEA Year2009 X 1Box/150g

说明:上世纪60年代到80年代,从大陆出口马来西亚的六堡茶货源不足,以及口感不能充分满足当地茶客的需求,马来当地的公司都曾经销过香港经销的六堡茶。香港转销的六堡茶有 “四瑞” “宝兰” “六角四金钱” “孖公仔” 等品牌,其售价并不低于从中国大陆出口的六堡茶。 陈年六堡茶的汤色跟普洱老茶很接近,红浓透亮,味道却不同,除了陈味,还有一种奇特的槟榔香。


四瑞 六堡茶 2009年 LIU BAO TEA 2009 Year X 1Box/150g Through scientific research, Liu Bao tea ☕ is a type of drink that solves the problem of having high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. This is because Liu Bao tea ☕ contains chemicals like insulin which lowers the concentration of blood sugar in our body, polyphenols and antioxidants that can dissolve lipid (fats) in our body. It helps the blood vessels to excrete fats substance which lowers the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Consuming Liu Bao tea ☕ for long term helps to overcome arterial stiffness and prevent cardiovascular diseases. In this society where fast paced life causes health problems,

Liu Bao tea ☕ will be your solution to it! 'Four Swee Liu Bao Tea' from Liubao Town, Wuzhou, Guangxi, has dark black colour tea leaves, the tea is reddish brown and the taste is rich and smooth. Liu Bao Tea lovers like its aged honey fragrance. The older it is the better it tastes!
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