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【Langit】Beras Sia' - Red Rice/ 红米 950g

【Langit】Beras Sia\' - Red Rice/ 红米 950g
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【Langit】Beras Sia' - Red Rice/ 红米 950g
【Langit】Beras Sia' - Red Rice/ 红米 950g
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Langit promotes unique and heirloom agricultural produce by smallholder farmers from East Malaysia to larger markets.

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Product Information

The Environment

Langit’s range of Borneo heirloom rice are grown using heirloom seeds (the same seeds that have been inherited for generations) by the Lun Bawang farmers in Long Semadoh Valley, Lawas; Sarawak. Each rice variety has its own unique taste and texture, making them highly discernible from the regular rice in the market. Grown in a cool highland climate (3,000ft above sea level), and nurtured by fertile soil, pristine air and crystal clear springs; the biodiverse environment directly dictates the superior terroir of our rice.

Product Description

Beras Sia’ packs a slightly nutty and wholesome fluffy texture. This ruby red heirloom variety is semi-polished, easy to cook and taste nutty.
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  • Moderate GI between 55-69.

  • Source of antioxidant, protein, dietary fibre and Vitamin D.

  • 10 servings in a 950g pack.

  • Cooking ratio : 1 cup water: 1 cup of rice

  • Storage method: Once open, keep refrigerated to maintain quality of rice and avoid weevils.

  • Easy to cook, don’t require soaking

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