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【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml

【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml
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Product Information

【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml

Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera King can be used as moisturizing aloe vera gel can be used for dry skin, improve the water retention capacity of the skin. Without any spices and oil, completely natural extract from aloe, can provide the necessary moisture and moisture of skin, fresh and not greasy! ❤ give your skin a soft and smooth to the touch ❤


Riga at night a little bit of Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Kingso it absorbs quickly applied to the face, but also the feeling of water of. Repair of aloe vera gel, plus enough Moisturizing Cream role of both worlds!

In addition to Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Kingcan also be used aloe vera moisturizing whitening mask, eliminate acne, anti-aging mask.

Simply apply a thick layer, 15-20 minutes after the wash can be. Warm Suggestion: (You can put to use in the refrigerator before, using cold feeling better)

Why must we choose our family of African origin Miracle Aloe Vera GEL? Aloe vera is a herbaceous plant of the lily family, native to Africa. Rich in sugar, protein, 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins, active enzymes and trace elements in the human body is very beneficial.

♡ on the market only 99% Pure Organic ♡

It also has four major components top Guaranteed to make you put it down! ! !

❤ ❤ mallow - It has anti-inflammatory, for two metalloproteinases have good inhibitory effect.

❤ ❤ Mulberry - Known as "folk saint fruit", the nutritional value is extremely rich, and thicken the sauce like honey, sweet and delicious. - It has anti-aging, moisturizing beauty in tolerance effect.

Witch Hazel ❤ ❤ - Is a high efficacy of medicinal value and beauty of plants. - It can effectively improve the cracks, sunburn, acne and other skin problems. - Help inflammation, ease irritated skin and accelerate wound healing, helps skin regeneration.

❤ ❤ organic chamomile - Called "plant doctor" analgesic function, and improve ongoing infection. - Ease the muffled muscle pain, - Calm headaches, neuralgia, toothache and earache - Manufacture of stimulating white blood cells, and thus to resist bacteria, strengthen the immune system. - Relieve burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers and more. - Help improve eczema, acne, herpes, psoriasis, ultra-sensitive skin, and general allergy. - Heal broken capillaries, increase flexibility, easy to dry itchy skin is excellent.

❤ Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera King has all the benefits of aloe vera for skin to protect the body, it is a product worth a try ❤

❤ Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera King must be used every day to ensure that you will fall in love with it brings amazing results! ❤

Jar 500ML you can spend a long time At least 3-4 months or so! !

Ingredients: Aloe, oak bark, organic chamomile, mallow, Mulberry, witch hazel peace Hengshui.

Storage: Stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.

❤ ❤ medical effects - [King] aloe vera skin for external causes of injuries such as insect bites, cuts, cuts, burns, frostbite, etc. have a good bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bleeding and pain and promote skin regeneration itching effect.

- In particular, to promote wound healing has a very significant role in the use of aloe vera [King] treatment can significantly shorten the healing time is not leaving scars. Treatment time to wash the wound, apply three to four times a day.

- For the cells and virus-infected cells occurs in concentrated sores, skin ulcers, paronychia, mouth ulcers, toothache, aloe vera directly to [King] can be directly applied.

❤ ❤ special care - Very helpful for sun repair, calm the skin, eliminate sun discomfort, Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Kingrepair components of aloe to help improve skin against external aggressions.

- Apply a light layer of Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Kingwhen aloe moisturizing makeup makeup is easier to make a more natural look shiny.

- If the baby ass home or face a rash, Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera Kingaloe vera can come in handy.

Our family Micracle Aloe Vera GEL Miracle Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera King Aloe Let you from head to toe can be used for

Other special effects:

❤ ❤ skin - [King] of mucus Aloe contains a unique protein, and this substance is an important component of cell aging prevention and treatment of chronic allergies. It has an active cell viability, delay skin aging, convergence, to reconcile the skin, reducing acne regeneration.

- It soothes skin irritation, keep skin healthy and prevent rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, not irritating to the skin.

- It makes the skin firm, careful and effective seal in moisture, inhibit the production of melanin, whitening moisturizing achieve the best results.

✔ 100% absolutely can replace all of the daily skin care products and body lotion.

Hair ❤ ❤ - It can make the hair soft and shiny hair enhancement, also inhibits the formation of dandruff and reduce hair loss problems. [King] will apply aloe vera to the scalp and hair tail, dry place.

Eye ❤ ❤ - Drying time around, or will be frozen too bloated [King] aloe used on cotton deposited in the eye, can relieve dry except dilute black eye puffiness.

❤ ❤ lip - Is a woman most places can not be ignored It can be used for moisturizing, peeling and removing unsightly chapped lip.

❤ ❤ teeth - Oral dental diseases which coating which would hurt, can relieve pain.

❤ ❤ nails - After repeatedly rub your finger nail polish toenails easily lose their luster. [King] will be applied to the aloe damaged nails and massage absorption, can help restore nails shiny. Meanwhile hands dry peeling nails can also be used.

❤ ❤ nakedness - It has a bactericidal function If the symptoms of vaginal itching can also be used, together with the shower gel together with the itching soon.

❤ armpit, beard, body hair ❤

- After each shaved hair can be used to soothe and to avoid post-shave redness, acne and black spots.

Miracle Aloe Vera GEL 500ML【芦荟大王】 非洲原产芦荟大王驾到! 【芦荟大王】可以当作保湿凝胶,可用于干燥肌肤,提高肌肤的保水能力。不含任何香料及油脂,完全粹取自纯天然的芦荟,可以提供皮肤所需的滋润及水分,清爽不油腻!❤给你的肌肤一个柔软光滑的触感❤ 使用方法: 在晚霜里加一点点【芦荟大王】,这样涂在脸上吸收起来很快,而且还感觉水水的。芦荟胶的修复作用加上晚霜足够的补水保湿作用,两全其美! 除此之外【芦荟大王】还可以用作保湿美白面膜、消痘痘抗老化面膜。 只需敷厚厚一层, 15-20分钟后洗掉即可。 温馨建议: (可以放进冰箱后才拿出来使用,冷冷的使用感觉更棒) 为什么一定要选择我们家非洲原产Miracle Aloe Vera GEL? 芦荟是一种百合科草本植物,原产于非洲。含有丰富的糖分,蛋白质,18种氨基酸,12种维生素,活性酶及对于人体十分有益的微量元素。 ♡市场上唯一99% Pure Organic♡ 更拥有4大主要顶级成分 保证让你爱不释手!!! ❤锦葵❤ –它具有抗炎性,对于两个金属蛋白酶均有良好的抑制作用。 ❤桑果❤ –被誉为"民间圣果",营养价值极其丰富,且汁浓似蜜,香甜可口。 –它具有延缓衰老,驻容养颜保濕的功效。 ❤金镂梅❤ –是一种药用价值及美容功效极高的植物。 –它能有效改善龟裂,晒伤,粉刺等皮肤问题。 –幫助消炎,缓和受刺激的皮肤和加快伤口愈合,帮助肌肤再生。 ❤有機甘菊❤ –被稱為"植物的醫師",有止痛的功能,並可改善持续的感染。 –可缓和闷闷的肌肉疼痛, –镇定头痛、神经痛、牙痛及耳痛 –刺激白血球的制造,进而抵御细菌,增强免疫系统。 –减轻烫伤,水疱、发炎的伤口,溃疡和愈。 –帮助改善湿疹、面疱、疱疹、干癣、超敏感皮肤,及一般的过敏现象。 –平复破裂的微血管,增进弹性,对干燥易痒的皮肤极佳。 ❤Miracle Aloe Vera Gel芦荟大王拥有芦荟所有的好处,对于保护全身的肌肤,它是一种值得一试的产品❤ ❤Miracle Aloe Vera Gel芦荟大王必须每天使用,保证您会爱上它带来的神奇效果!❤ 一罐500ML就可以用上好久了 最少3-4个月左右!! 成分: 芦荟,橡树皮,有机甘菊,锦葵,桑果,金镂梅和平衡水。 储存方式: 存放在干爽的地方,避免阳光直接照射。 ❤医疗效果❤ –【芦荟大王】对于外界原因造成的皮肤伤病如蚊叮虫咬、刀伤、割伤、烫伤、冻伤等有很好的杀菌、抗炎、镇痛、止血止痛止痒和促进皮肤再生的作用。 –特别是促进伤口的愈合有非常显著的作用,采用【芦荟大王】治疗可明显的缩短伤口愈合的时间并不留疤痕。治疗的时候要洗净伤口,每天敷用三到四次。 –对于由细胞和病毒感染而发生的浓胞疮,皮肤溃烂,甲沟炎,口腔溃疡,牙痛,直接将【芦荟大王】直接涂抹即可。 ❤特别护理❤ –对晒后修护帮助非常大,镇静肌肤,消除晒后不适,【芦荟大王】修护成分能帮助皮肤提高抵御外界侵害。 –轻敷1层【芦荟大王】当妆前保湿更加容易上妆,使妆容更自然有光泽。 –家里若宝宝屁股还是脸上有红疹,【芦荟大王】都可以派上用场。 我们家Micracle Aloe Vera GEL【芦荟大王】 让你从头到脚都可以用上 其他特别效果: ❤皮肤❤ –【芦荟大王】中的粘液含有一种独特的蛋白质,而这种物质正是防止细胞老化和治疗慢性过敏的重要成分。 它有激活细胞活力,延缓皮肤衰老,收敛,调和皮肤,减少痘痘的再生。 –它能舒缓皮肤不适,保持皮肤健康,防止皮肤粗糙,增强皮肤弹性,对皮肤没有刺激性。 –它能使皮肤坚实细致,有效锁住水分,抑制产生黑色素,达到保湿美白最佳的效果。 ✔100%绝对可以代替了所有日常护肤品以及身体乳液。 ❤头发❤ –它可以使头发柔软和增强头发光泽,也能抑制头屑的形成,减少脱发问题。将【芦荟大王】搽于头皮以及发尾干燥的地方。 ❤眼部❤ –周围干燥或者浮肿时将冷藏过的【芦荟大王】,用于化妆棉上敷在眼部,可缓解干燥浮肿淡化除黑眼圈。 ❤唇部❤ –是女人最不可忽视的地方 它可以用于滋润保湿,去除干裂脱皮以及难看的唇纹。 ❤牙齿❤ –口腔牙疾哪疼就涂哪,能够止痛消肿。 ❤指甲❤ –手指脚趾甲多次擦涂指甲油后,容易失去原有光泽。 将【芦荟大王】涂于受损的指甲上并按摩吸收,可帮助恢复指甲光泽。 同时手脚指甲干燥脱皮时也可使用。 ❤下体❤ –它有杀菌功能 若有阴道瘙痒的症状也可以使用,再配合沐浴露一起用很快就能止痒了。 ❤腋下,胡子,体毛❤ –在每次剃发毛之后可用于舒缓,并可以避免剃后红肿,粉刺以及黑点的出现。 【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml 【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml
【Aloe Vera】 GEL Miracle Pure Organic 非洲原产芦荟大王 500ml
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