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《Canelicious》- Taiwan Brown Sugar - Rose Siwu Decoction (350g/10pcs) -《甘这味》正宗台湾黑糖块 黑糖 玫瑰四物

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***This Product Not suitable for pregnant and in menstrual period woman.***

Products Details 商品资料:
* Name: Brown Sugar Rose Siwu Decoction
  品名:黑糖 桂圆红枣玫瑰四物
* Ingredients:Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar), Angelica, Chuan Xiong, White Poeny Root, Cinnamon, Rose Petal.
* Weight: 35g X 10 cubes
  重量:35 克 X 10 颗
* Expiry Date:Mac 2022
* Made in Taiwan
* 100% vegetarian
* Good quality
* The factory, holding
   ** ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management System
   ** HACCP –  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Benefits of Rose Siwu - 黑糖 玫瑰四物 的功效:
- Improve menstruation consistency, relief menstrual pain
  调理生理体质 , 改善并稳定月经周期 , 舒缓经痛、排清经血
- Recommend to use this products continuously for 5 days start from the day after period.
   建议经期后连续服用 5 天

Benefits of Brown Sugar: 黑糖的功效:
—    Rich in vit-B & minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium & etc.
-   Low in calories.
-   Help in improving digestion.
-   Relief from the cold.

Serving Ways 黑糖块冲泡方式
- Chew with water, & consume directly 直接冲泡饮用:            
- Serving hot – use 400-500ml water 热饮用400-500ml水
- Serving cool – use 300ml to dissolve, then add in ice cube.冷饮用300ml水冲泡后,再加入冰块享用
- Prepare dessert, like rice ball, sweet potato & etc  煮汤圆/番薯糖水/甜品

《Canelicious》- Taiwan Brown Sugar - Rose Siwu Decoction (350g/10pcs) -《甘这味》正宗台湾黑糖块 黑糖 玫瑰四物
《Canelicious》- Taiwan Brown Sugar - Rose Siwu Decoction (350g/10pcs) -《甘这味》正宗台湾黑糖块 黑糖 玫瑰四物
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