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Diffuser 50ml with White Flower Reed

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Product Information

Diffuser 50ml

Smell option:

* Ocean, Lemon, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Osmanthus

Avoid any direct sunlight and open flame.

The pictures are just for reference only.

Please keep it away from water and all liquid to avoid fragrance deterioration.

1. Never drink it. If you drink it, seek medical treatment immediately.

2. Do not use it for other purposes besides being an air freshener.

3. If the content gets into contact with the eyes (contact lenses) or skin (or hair), wash it thoroughly with clean running water and if there is a problem, consult with a doctor immediately.

4. Keep it out of reach of babies or children.

5. Be careful that pets or living things or moving objects do not come close to it.

6. The diffuser is at risk of fire. Do not expose to inflammables, direct sunlight and heat.

7. Keep it away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, flame and other sources that might ignite. Do not smoke.

8. If the content gets into contact with wood, plastic, leather, clothes or other objects, it may cause discoloration, bleaching or damage, so the liquid should be wiped off immediately. In addition, a seller is not responsible or will not compensate for damages caused by an individual’s carelessness.

9. Do not subject to impact. If it is broken, cracked or discolored, do not use it.

10. Do not inhale dust, fume, gas, mist and steam spray.

11. Keep it in a well-ventilated place and seal tightly.

12. Prevent it from flowing into waterways, drains, basements and confined spaces.

13. If using a diffuser in a small, confined space, ventilate the space regularly.

14. If your body has an abnormal reaction including difficulty in breathing, nausea, sickness, diarrhea, allergy, frequent coughing, etc., stop using it immediately and consult with a doctor.

15. The elderly, the infirm and people with respiratory diseases should not use it if possible.

16. Prevent it from flowing into soil, ditches, drains, waterways or culverts.

17. Be careful when doing some cutting, drilling, welding and polishing near a container.

18. A seller is not responsible or will not compensate for contamination, damage to a product, fire and other accidents that may occur after opening the product without returning it.

19. Do not put it in a sprayer bottle and spray.

20. The residual quantity after use could be used incorrectly so keep it in its original container.

21. Once a stick is used, be careful that the stick does not come in contact with

other objects.

Diffuser 50ml with White Flower Reed
Diffuser 50ml with White Flower Reed
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