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Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)

Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
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CRE8SKIN Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
(Whitening, Wrinkle treatment and Moisturizing)
  • 100% AUTHENTIC Salmon Oil
  • Fast absorbing
  • Non-greasy
  • Evens skin tone Protects skin
  • Suitable for eye skin repair and sensitive skin

CRE8SKIN Salmon Oil Cream is excellent for prevention of dark circles, spots and freckles due to the salmon's characteristic properties. Moreover, it is enough to use this product without using eye cream around wrinkled eye area, making it possible to concentrate on the whole face and around the eyes.


Salmon Oil 5000 ppm
Contains Vitamin A and B, Omega-3, fatty acids forming a skin barrier, and Vitamin E with antioxidant activities are included. The cream can protect your skin, moist and resilient skin.

Patent Component L22
Combination of Macademia oil, Hohoba Esther, Phytasteryl, Photostal Makadamite, Scottal a,d Tocaledo are optimized for the lipid source of the United States as a proportion of the healthy and young skin.

Caviar Extract
Skin-friendly proteins and amino acids that are essential to skin hydration provide nutrients moisturize the skin.

Salmon Roe Extract
As it nourishes the skin and includes Vitamin E with excellent anti-oxidant activities, enhances skin flexibility and elasticity.

Seaweed Extract
As it optimizes the moisturizing conditions of keratin and forms n elastic, smooth and transparent film on the skin surface, makes soft skin.

  1. Scoop out a small amount using a spatula (provided)
  2. Gently spread the cream evenly into a whole face and allow it to be absorbed fully.
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Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
Cre8skin Salmon Oil Cream (80g)
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