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Crafti-Kit - Kuih Buih Soap Kit

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Start off your handmaking the journey with our upgraded premium Kuih Buih Moisturising Soap Kit! With all the necessities you need in one kit, this Crafti-Kit is here to make things easy, fun and fool-proof so you'll have successes each time you make soaps that emulate our Malaysian Delicacies. Handmake Kuih Buih soaps with no worries and share the joys with everyone!

Kuih Buih Moisturising Soap Kit contains:

  1. Opaque White Soap Base
  2. Kuih Buih Soap Pigment x 2 colors
  3. Kuih Buih Fragrance Oil - 30ml x 2 bottles
  4. Kuih Buih Silicone Mold (12 bars)
  5. Soap Foaming Bag x 6
  6. Paper Cups x 3
  7. A Pair of Gloves
  8. Large Wood Stir Bar x 10
  9. Kraft Box x 4
  10. Recipe Card
  11. Video Demo
  12. Label Stickers x 4
BONUS! Mystery Soap Pigment #3

Why Kuih Buih Moisturising Soap Kit ?
  1. Fuss-free beginning to your soap making journey!
  2. Step-by-step guidance through detailed recipe card and video demo.
  3. Bonus! Tips for soap making and beneficial information on ingredients used.
  4. Opaque White Soap Base is a beautiful white soap base with high glycerin content to help attract moisture from the surroundings to your skin, leaving it moisturized as you shower.
  5. Craftiviti's Fragrance Oil - 30mls have long-lasting scents and will make sure your soaps remain smelling delicious as time passes. They are phthalate-free and completely safe for soap making!
  6. Kuih Buih Soap Pigments are stable, non-bleeding, non-toxic and concentrated, made-in-America pigments that will help you achieve beautifully vibrant colors for your soap.

More DIY personal care materials and therapeutic crafts available online and at our craft shop at Craftiviti Sdn. Bhd. (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).
Crafti-Kit - Kuih Buih Soap Kit
Crafti-Kit - Kuih Buih Soap Kit
Crafti-Kit - Kuih Buih Soap Kit
Crafti-Kit - Kuih Buih Soap Kit
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