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Cigarette Bowl

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What is the cigarette supply? Do you understand?
Tobacco supply can be said to be a very convenient way to practice the Famen, such as the Tibetan practitioners, and is also very popular in repairing the "smoke supply law."
Mai Peng Rinpoche's "Smoke of Demon Chong Chong Duo's Multiple Routines - Freedom of Evil"
This ritual is very practical, and it is necessary to pass this ritual. Tobacco is aimed at ghosts and non-humans, when you are very unhappy inside, dreaming of death at home; or going to some unclean places, or to the burial platform of the Tibetan burial platform, the funeral home of the Han Dynasty, and other places where the dead are located. Or feel that you have a body, non-human, you can do tobacco.
If the old man in his family dies or the other person dies, it is very good for him to make a good contribution to the dead, and he can bring great benefits to the dead. He has great merits and must make tobacco for them.
Method of smoking
In the ritual: "mix the fried noodles with ghee, blood, meat and other foods (better with a little nectar and other sacred objects) and burn them. Sprinkle a little water on them. Self-viewing is the sacred Guanyin, and all the beings are born. Severe grief." Mixing with flesh and blood, burning is a tradition of Tibetan land. When we use tobacco, we can use vegetarian food such as flour and oil, and can ignite fruits, etc., but without adding flesh and blood, such as adding biscuits, it is best not to contain eggs. You can also add a medicinal herb such as nectar pills or sprinkle nectar water made from nectar pills.
When applying tobacco, it is best to add one or two pieces of relief spell to the food to burn together (the release of the curse can be in Yaqing or other places), which can make the sentient beings and the Dharma Sangbao a very unique fate. .
The smoke is ignited by the food, and it is burned with a small fire. There is smoke, and it is not as bright as the fire. The smoke cannot be particularly large. It is best to smell the original taste of the food when cooking.
"Self-viewing is the sacred Guanyin", and you will see yourself as Guanyin Bodhisattva. Whether it is attached to the body or in a place where the fear is not clean, it is a sorrow and grief for all the people. This is also a non-human, dead or ghost. Waiting for the convenience of the good.
Read it from the beginning of the ritual to the content of "Auntie Auntie (I don't want to go to the top of my mind)". Then at least 108 times of "Auntie", at the same time, think about it: the items that are added to the cigarette by the word "嗡" become infinite; the "A" word is added to the item; the "吽" is added to the item, so that it burns The things become gold, silver, wonderful food and other things that are not desired, so that the beings without eyes can get their eyes, and the beings without limbs can get a complete body.
After reading "Auntie", read more than a hundred times, "the 嗡 呢 巴 巴 ” ” ” ” ” , , , , , , , , , , , , 。 。 The smokestuffs are placed outdoors.
The above is the smoke meter and method.
Cigarette Bowl
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