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Cane's Puer Tea (30 Teabags)

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Product Information
Due to current restrictions, please note that the original packaging meant for this item will be replaced to small boxes Cane's Series (6teabags/box) for the time being until further notice.
Cane's Puer, mild in nature and gentle for stomach, a great daily beverage with health benefits. Net weight 60 grams (2grams x 30 tea bags).

Cane's Puer Tea (30 Teabags)

Puer Tea
harvested from broad-leaf tea trees originating in processed by way of pile-fermentation to yield tea leaves that are reddish-brown with a distinct aged, woody aroma. it gives a bright and rich red infusion that is mellow with a long, sweet finish. Mild in nature and gentle for stomach, puer tea is a great daily beverage with health benefits. It is believed to help digest fatty food, suitable for people who are concern about their body shape and well being.

Teh Puer Cane's ( 30 uncang)

Dipetik daripada pokok daun teh lebar yag berasal dari Yunnan, daun mentah terpilik diproses lagi menurut proses fermentasi-longgokkan untuk menghasilkan daun teh yang perang kemerahan dengan aroma usia yang unik, berkayu. Ia memberikan teh kemerahan yang cukup matang dengan tegukan manis yang bertahan. Minuman seharian, teh Puer bantu memanaskan perut dan melegakan penghadaman selepas memakan makanan yang berminyak. Ia juga membantu memupuk sistem dalaman kita untuk wajah yang remanja dan pada umumnya, mengalakkan kesihatan.

Ways To Brew

1) Use 1 bag for a cup or mug.
2) Pour freshly boiled water over the teabag.
3) Steep for 1 to 3 minutes to extract the full flavor.
(Adjust steeping time to suit personal preference of strength)

Packing: 30 tea bags/pack
Net Weight: ±60g
Ingredient: Tea leaves
Product Origin: China
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

Product Of Purple Cane Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
Certified HALAL by Shandong Halal Certification Service, China
Recognized by Jakim
Cane\'s Puer Tea (30 Teabags)
Cane\'s Puer Tea (30 Teabags)
Cane\'s Puer Tea (30 Teabags)
Cane\'s Puer Tea (30 Teabags)
Cane\'s Puer Tea (30 Teabags)
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