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Bulgarian Rose 10ml - Pure Essential Oil (Therapeutic Grade)

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Bulgarian rose (otto) oil, extracted from the species Rosa damascena, is amongst the most popular essential oil in the hearts of all who love aromatherapy. It is unique in terms of scent and wealth of therapeutic healing benefits. There is only 2 countries that provides the ideal conditions (climatic and geographical) for the growth of Rosa damascena, i.e. Bulgaria and Turkey.

Our Rose oil (Rose otto) is produced from the Rosa damascena cultivated in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria. Its perfect location and climate, with gentle sunshine, allow only a thin layer of wax film on the flower because the plant does not need to protect itself from strong solar radiation, as compared to other roses in other countries. This explains the smaller content of stearoptenes (waxes and solids) in Bulgarian rose oil, thus leaving the fragrance, purity and vibration of the oil intact and uncompromised.

Our Bulgarian rose oil is 3% diluted in Jojoba oil so that you can enjoy this magnificent oil for a lower price. And the oil contains all the same therapeutic properties of those undiluted one. Since it is diluted in the Jojoba oil, you can apply our oil directly on skin.

Rosa damascena oil calms the mind and helps with emotional problems such as depression, anger, brief, fear, nervous, tension and stress. For the respiratory system, it helps with asthma, cough, cold and hay fever. In digestive system, it is helpful for nausea, and stimulating the liver and gall bladder. On skin, it is most effective for mosturizing and hydrating all skin types, especially the dry, mature and irritated skin, in which it repairs broken capilaries, inflammations, skin redness, eczema and herpes. Rose oil is particularly useful for poor circulationand heart problems, which includes heart palpitations, arrhythmia, and high blood pressure.


For external use only; Do not apply directly on skin, dilute with carrier oil; If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use; If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medicine, consult your doctor before use; Keep out from the reach of children

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