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Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml

Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
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Really worthy of merit
After reading the book "Water Knows the Answer", Dr. Li finally knows "Why use the 'Great Cursed Water Cup' will bring health and good luck!" Because the "Great Compassion Mantra Cup" is engraved with a Great Compassion The full text, and the bottom of the cup is engraved with the Sanskrit six-character curse, and the edge is surrounded by astronomical six-character curse. Each part is a highly positive scripture mantra of the birth of the universe.
Each molecule of water is spiritual and has the energy to carry information. The pure and clean water falls into the "great compassion water cup", and the crystal of the water will bear the crystal corresponding to the "Great Compassion Mantra, Six Characters Mantra". Thus carrying the signal of "Great Compassion" and "Six-character Mantra", the human body drank the water that carried the "sign of the Great Compassion and the Six-character Mantra". The molecules of "water" participate in the metabolism of the human body and become part of the human body.
After about a month. Most of the human body's moisture will be replaced by the water carrying the "sign of the Great Compassion and the Six-character Mantra". Then the human body will naturally produce a magnetic field consistent with the Great Compassion and the Six-character Mantra. People will become healthy, lucky, and happy. Beautiful.
It can be seen that the "Great Compassion Mantra" cup is really one of the ways to go to Guangming Avenue. It is just a change in the action of drinking water, and it has a effect on people's life.
Q: What are the merits of winning the "Great Compassion Mantra" water cup, and which group is it suitable for?
A: Amitabha, the Great Compassion Mantra is suitable for a wide range of people. The merits of merit are incredible!
The patients hospitalized in the hospital, as well as the large and small patients who have been cured for a long time, this great sadness can be used to cure all kinds of difficult diseases. Pray that all diseases and evils can be completely eliminated.
Husband and wife's feelings are inconsistent, marriage appears third, family disagreement, etc., seeking a big compassion curse cup of drinking water, can make the relationship reunion, family unity and jealousy, thus changing the family fortune.
Do business, entrepreneurship, promotion and salary increase, please accept the great sadness, can increase wisdom, Peifu newspaper, breed good roots, fear from fear, and get the true benefits of great compassion. Compassion and blessing, let our wishes be fulfilled.
The mood is impetuous, upset, and you can't calm your mind for a long time. Only those who drink this great sorrow, the inner purification, the troubles and the pain are all eliminated.
I want to make my family's fortune turn better, to strengthen my good fortune, to drive away evil spirits, and to ward off evil people in the town house. Asking for the Great Compassion Mantra to ask for great sorrow, you can make your home run well, strengthen your good fortune, drive away evil spirits, and have the effect of evil spirits. Become your good patron saint and keep your family safe.
Bias, income fluctuations, such as sales, business, foreign exchange, stocks, finance, color horses, futures, casinos, etc. Drinking a big compassion curse often has the effect of making money and prospering money, especially for those who are biased and income-floating.
People who often take transportation. When you encounter suffocation, your family will be uneasy, and you will lose money, car accidents, blood, and so on. Ask for the Great Compassion, and turn to the god of evil.
People who go out to travel. Seeking great sorrow and water, but it is very strong in removing evil spirits. It is very good to go out safely with you. Great sadness, the effect of evil spirits, become your good guardian, and keep your family safe.
All the water on the earth is connected. When there is love and gratitude in our hearts, love and gratitude will instantly spread the whole earth. However, when people make a language of disgust and attack, water can't form water crystals, like a tearful eye. This shows that negative language is not in accordance with the laws of nature.
Water tells us that in the process of our social interaction, we must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude and a friendly language to treat people and things, which will make our world more harmonious and beautiful; drink a cup of water and change us in minutes. The destiny, while drinking water, it is recommended that the brothers choose to use the Great Compassion Double Crystal Cup.
Great Compassion Double Crystal Cup, with thick crystal cup bottom, high borosilicate glass cup crystal cup cover, 304 stainless steel tea leak, cup body printed big compassion curse cup with Da Ming wheel curse printed on the bottom.

One word and one sentence contain the true time of the righteous sense, without any slight hypocrisy. It contains a very pure signal. The magic wheel with a six-character curse at the bottom of the cup is very powerful. It is a curse in the curse.
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
Buddhist Scripture Bottle 360ml
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