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Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield

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Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield

Bubbles Silicone Nipple Shields make breastfeeding possible when latching on is difficult. Latching on can sometimes be difficult for mothers with flat or inverted nipples. The nipple shield will help your baby attach more easily during breastfeeding.

Product Features - Nipple shield size is 21mm - Ultra-soft and thin silicone for seamless skin contact - Triangle shape edge to allow baby to have more contact with mother's skin - Nipple tip design is for easy latch on - Suitable for flat and inverted nipple - Helps to relieve pain, sore or cracked nipples from baby's suction during breastfeeding - Helps baby to establish the initial latch to the breast - Comes with a case for hygiene and travelling purposes - Product design helps prevenet baby sucking air during breastfeeding - 1pc Silicone Nipple Shield Per Packing

Instructions for Use 1. Wash and sterilize the Nipple Shield 2. Wipe clean nipple and areola area before fitting Nipple Shield 3. Turn the outer edge outwards, place the Nipple Shield on the breast's nipple 4. Turn back the outer edge to fit nicely 5. Press the outer edge for best fitting and start to breastfeed the baby

How To Clean/Sterilize 1. Clean and sterilize Nipple Shield before use 2. Check regularly for wear and tear 3. Suitable for Steam and UV Sterilization only

Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield
Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield
Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield
Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield
Bubbles: Silicone Nipple Shield
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