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Happy Drip Coffee

4 Box Happy Drip Coffee (10g x 32 bags)

4 Box Happy Drip Coffee (10g x 32 bags)
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4 Box Happy Drip Coffee
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Product Information

What’s a drip bag coffee?

Happy Drip Coffee is basically a filter bag filled with coffee grounds, cleverly folded with a paper stand attached.

Expand and hang the bag over a cup and you will get a cup of fresh hand-poured coffee simply by gently pouring hot water into it. Hot water will flow through the coffee ground, leaching oil and flavour to the bottom of the filter by gravity.

The blend is made of 100% specialty grade Arabica beans roasted to medium level. It exhibits a smooth body with the right amount of sweetness and a hint of acidity that brightens up the overall tasting experience.

“Stimulate your coffee senses as you sip this carefully packed and sealed high quality roast and enjoy a delicious coffee experience in the comfort of your home or outdoor environment!”

This product is manufactured in Malaysia under international food safety management standards ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP program.

Brewing Instruction

STEP 1 - Tear the drip bag along the marked line.

STEP 2 - Unhook and hang the drip bag securely on a cup.

STEP 3 - Pour 150 - 180 ml of hot water into the drip bag, approximately three times the volume of the full bag.

STEP 4 - Remove the drip bag and enjoy the coffee! (You can even add your preferred type of milk and sugar).


1) Where are the beans used in Happy Drip Coffee originate from?

We use 100% Arabica coffee beans from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Guatemala, mixed in a perfect blend to ensure the

best aroma and taste.

2) What should be the right temperature of hot water?

Brew with 150-180ml of hot water at temperature around 94C. Feel free to adjust according to own preference.

3) Does quality of water affects the taste?

It is recommended to use purified water in smallest flow possible (eg hand brew coffee maker or lowest flow of the drinking water machine) to increase the contact time between the coffee ground and hot water.

4) How many times can the coffee bag be used?

We recommend a single brew with 180ml of hot water as the next brew will have a weaker taste.

5) How does the coffee preserve its freshness?

Our coffee bags are nitrogen-flushed to preserve its freshness. As there are no preservatives used, it is recommended to be consumed before the expiry date on the packaging.

6) Does it need to be brewed immediately after the foil is opened?

Please store in air tight container once the foil is opened and not consumed immediately.

7) What is the difference between Happy Drip Coffee and normal instant coffee?

We use cafe-quality coffee beans with no additives which are easy to brew fresh on the spot for the authentic aroma of the coffee.

8) How’s the taste of Happy Drip Coffee?

Slightly acidic and moderate bitterness which is suitable for coffee lovers.

9) Is there any specific coffee pot required when it’s brewed with hot water?

There is no hard fast rule but in order to truly enjoy the drip coffee, we highly recommend the use of hand drip pot to increase the contact time between hot water and coffee ground. The hand drip pot has a narrow mouth that control the flow of water as opposed to the normal coffee pot which does not provide sufficient time for the extraction causing the coffee to taste bland and lessen the experience! If you are using normal hot water pot, do pour the hot water slowly and avoid pouring all in one go.

4 Box Happy Drip Coffee (10g x 32 bags)
4 Box Happy Drip Coffee (10g x 32 bags)
4 Box Happy Drip Coffee (10g x 32 bags)
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