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Bio Gan Yan (KIN BIO)

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Bio Gan Yan
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Size (length*width*height): 8cm x 8cm x 10cm

BIO GAN YAN (MAL 20034789 T) 300mg x 90 capsules

INFICATIONS: Traditionally used for maintaining general well being.

BIO GAN YAN is a herbal formula beneficial for eyes, liver, gall bladder, digestive system and helpful for internal body heat cleansing as well as detoxifying body toxins. Bio Gan Yan is specially formulated based on the Principle of the Chinese Five Element Theory with balancing of the ‘Yin’ Liver, ‘Yang’ Gall Bladder and the related sense organ, which are the eyes. It is also beneficial for kidney, spleen, muscle & nerves.

DOSAGE: One capsule three times a day after meal.

INGREDIENT(S): Each bottle contains 90 capsules. Each capsule (300mg) contains:

1. Cortex Euphrasia Officinalis - Eye Bright – 45mg
Generally used as a blood cleanser, cataracts, colds, eye problem (strengthen) and liver stimulant.

2. Radix Taraxacum Officinale – Dandelion – 45mg
Generally used for liver, gall bladder, anaemia, blisters, blood pressure and blood purifier.

3. Radix Polygoni Multiflori - He-Shou-Wu – 45mg
Generally used for fertility, hair (premature graying), muscles, nerves and stamina, kidney & liver.

4. Seed Cuscuta Chinensis - Chinese Dodder- 45mg
Generally used as tonic for liver, spleen and eyesight.

5. Herba Lysimachia Christinae - Christina Loosestrife – 45mg
Generally used as tonic for liver, kidneys and Ccarbuncles.

6. Herba Artemisia Scoparia - Virgate Wormwood – 45mg
Generally used as anti-inflammatory, diuretic, worms and jaundice.

7. Fructus Gardenia Jasminoides – Cape Jasmine Fruit – 30mg
Generally used as Tonic to the liver and spleen, eyesight and anti-Inflammatory.

产品作用: 传统上用于维持整体健康。

肝眼 (BIO GAN YAN) 是有益于眼睛、肝脏、胆囊、消化系统, 并有助于排除体内热气和清除体内 毒素的草本配方。肝眼是根据中医五行原理平衡及调理肝"阴"、胆"阳"和与肝胆相关的器官即眼睛的草本配方。肝眼 (BIO GAN YAN) 对肾、脾、肌肉和神经也有其调理作用。


成份: 每瓶含有 90 粒胶囊。每粒胶囊(300mg)含有:

1. 眼疾草 (Cortex Euphrasia Officinalis - Eye Bright) – 45mg

2. 蒲公英(Radix Taraxacum Officinale – Dandelion) – 45mg

3. 何首乌 (Radix Polygoni Multiflori - He-Shou-Wu) – 45mg

4. 菟丝子 (Seed Cuscuta Chinensis - Chinese Dodder) - 45mg

5. 金钱草 (Herba Lysimachia Christinae - Christina Loosestrife) – 45mg

6. 茵陈 (Herba Artemisia Scoparia - Virgate Wormwood) – 45mg

7.栀子 (Fructus Gardenia Jasminoides – Cape Jasmine Fruit) – 30mg

Bio Gan Yan (KIN BIO)
Bio Gan Yan (KIN BIO)
Bio Gan Yan (KIN BIO)
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