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Bentong Ginger Tea

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Origin : Malaysia
Weight : 300G (30G x 10 Sachets)
Ingredients : Ceylon Tea Powder, Ginger Powder, Brown Sugar

GBT Bentong Ginger Tea is rich in aroma and flavor. It is an instant drink that is convenient and suitable for busy modern people.

We use high quality Bentong ginger powder, black tea powder, and brown sugar, carefully blended to create a rich taste of Bentong Ginger Tea. Bentong ginger is rich in healthy ingredients that can relieve physical discomfort and boost immunity, while black tea is rich in antioxidants that can help reduce stress and promote digestion. Brown sugar provides natural sweetness to the Bentong Ginger Tea.

Whether it’s in the morning, during a tea break in the afternoon, or while working at night, Bentong Ginger Tea is the perfect choice. Simply pour one packet of Bentong Ginger Tea into a cup, add an appropriate amount of hot water, stir, and enjoy a cup of aromatic and rich Bentong Ginger Tea.

Come and taste our Bentong Ginger Tea, let it bring warmth and health to your life!
Bentong Ginger Tea
Bentong Ginger Tea
Bentong Ginger Tea
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