BBC Punjut Susu | Nursing Hot Compress Therapy

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BBC Punjut Susu nurtures nursing time of mommy and little angels.

- A warm breast pack that helps stimulate milk flow during breastfeeding
- Reduce clogged milk ducts after not pumping breast milk for a certain period of time

How to use: Heat the Punjut Susu by boiling, steaming, or just rub it on the dry iron surface. For best result, mommies are advised to take warm bath before putting the hot compress.

CantikTastic Tips:
Clogged ducts usually happen in the early days after delivery. If you are having symptoms like breast pain, engorged or harden area on your breast, and your baby is having problem to latch, you might be having clogged duct problem.

To overcome clogged duct,
1. Hot compress with BBC Punjut Susu
Boil the hot compress and let it warm. Compress slowly on your breast from upper side to the nipple direction. Repeat until the pain subsided.

2. Drink NR Akar Herbanika or BBC Spices Tea
Boil 2 sachets of NR Akar Herbanika with about 3 mugs of water. Boil until it becomes about 2 concentrated mugs of tea. Add 1 tablespoon of honey. Sip the drink slowly by using spoon until you feel sweating hot.
BBC Punjut Susu | Nursing Hot Compress Therapy
BBC Punjut Susu | Nursing Hot Compress Therapy
BBC Punjut Susu | Nursing Hot Compress Therapy
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