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Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours

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Type: Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrushes are recycle-able and compostable. The toothbrush has thin bamboo handle mean less resources used, soft bristles made of BPA-free nylon. The brush is suitable for any member of the family. Multi-coloured bristles: black, white, green and blue. Soft bristles to protect your gums from bleeding or scratching. Bamboo is a natural woody material. You will experience some funky wood taste in the beginning, and bamboo will fade with use and as time passes. Bamboo will have wood knots, and its own grains and colour, the different in toning may add styles and uniqueness to your toothbrush. Enjoy BRUSHING!

So, what are the key features of our bamboo toothbrushes?
✔Environmentally-friendly - Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable resource. Compared to plastic, it's a better choice!
✔Affordable - Honestly, this is a no-frills toothbrush. This helps keep costs down which ultimately benefits the consumers.
✔Plastic-free packaging - No unnecessary plastic packaging. The toothbrushes come in recyclable cardboard packaging.
✔Soft bristles - Only soft nylon bristles are used, which are easier on the teeth and gums. Recommended by the FDA, ADA and dentists!
✔Antibacterial - Bamboo, like wood, has natural antibacterial properties.

Made in China
Brand: Bambun (Malaysian brand)
Multicolored: Black, White, Green & Blue
Size: 17.5cm long
Packaging: recycled cardboard.

Taking care of your bamboo toothbrush
To keep your bamboo toothbrush in good condition, just keep it in a dry area. You can also wipe it off after each use. The bamboo might change colour slightly over time, which is completely normal. Like a normal toothbrush, it is recommended to change it every 2-3 months or after the bristles become frayed. Now that's not so hard, was it?

How do I dispose of it responsibly?
Before tossing it, think of different ways you can upcycle it. A couple of practical uses is utilizing it is as a cleaning scrubber for those hard-to-reach areas, or sticking it into plant pots as markers. The handle can be composted, after pulling out the bristles with pliers. It typically takes around six months to a year to completely break down.

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Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours
Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours
Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours
Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours
Bambun Bamboo Toothbrush – Box of 4 Colours
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