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Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle

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Item: Babisil Anti Colic Silicone Bottle
Capacity: 150ml

  • Designed by British designers, the unique creation of a silicone inner tube with automatic contraction, effectively reducing the air of the anti-inflation system, with the original teat, so that after the baby sucking, blocking the air into the inner tube to prevent the baby caused by inflation discomfort. Products through the EU certification. All for the baby's health and safety efforts.
  • SafeThe Silbottle provides a Bisphenol-A(BPA) FREE, Oestrogen FREE, and Phthalate FREE feeding zone. Thus preventing babies from consuming potentially hazardous chemicals and giving parents peace of mind.
  • Anti-colicValve-free: the flexible Silbottle Inner Chamber collapses as baby feeds, eliminating the build-up of air and reducing the potential for colic, helping to create happier babies. The non-valve system also means no air can get into the milk to contaminate it.
  • Breast-likeThe Silbottles Collapsible Inner chamber mimics the natural breast lobules, providing a feeding experience that is only "Second to Breast. This makes the transition from breast to bottle and back, more natural for babies.
  • Easy to cleanTurn the Inner Chamber inside out and wipe clean without the need for a brush the Inner Chambers are dishwasher and sterilizer safe and have a recommended life of 6 months if used every day.
  • -EU certification, excellent quality. Safe to use.-Self-contracting silicone liner effectively prevents inflation discomfort when the baby is in the moment.-Soft and foldable silicone liner can be washed back and forth.-Eccentric teat design, baby does not need to tilt the head, but also easy to drink milk.-Simulation of breast milk teat, natural curvature, with three crystal points to prevent collapse.
  • Remarks-Bottle shell is made of PP material. Do not boil at high temperatures to sterilize.-It is highly recommended to clean the product before and after each use.-Do not clean with harsh chemicals.- When using for the first time, clean the product
  • ABOUT BABISILThe BABISIL brand was established by a team of international product designers and parents who have devoted their time to creating better products for little Angels.
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
Babisil Anti-colic Silicone Feeding Bottle
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