Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types

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KinomegumiAshirira Foot Detox Patch

Ashirira's Foot Detox Patches are designed to be worn overnight during the body's natural repair and rest phase. Regular use of Ashirira aids in the removal of toxins accumulated from potentially harmful substances, preservatives, and chemicals consumed, ingested, or inhaled by the body. The detox process promotes blood circulation, facilitates waste elimination through sweat, boosts metabolism, enhances the immune system, and may even reduce water retention. A notable outcome of the detox can be observed in the morning, as Ashirira's Foot Detox Patches transform into a dark brown shade, indicating the removal of toxin waste. The color gradually lightens with continued detoxification.

Ashirira Foot Sheet, when applied at night, contributes to waking up revitalized. Harnessing the natural power of tree sap, this foot relaxation sheet, enriched with bamboo sap powder, provides gentle care for hardworking feet throughout the day. The sheet, applied before bedtime, changes to a brown hue the next morning due to the hydrating capability of bamboo, offering a rejuvenating daily experience.

"Bamboo Sap" utilized in the "Foot Relaxation Sheet" is an extract condensed from bamboo components recognized for their exceptional hydrating properties. In crafting the sheet, we meticulously select raw materials and employ bamboo sap with zero impurities, extracted from bamboo, to capture its potent essence.

*Note: Individual variations may exist in the color change of the sheet."

>>Benefits: Helps to eliminate the toxins in our body through feed while helps to relax tired, swollen, and heavy feet during night. Stimulates the reflex point on feet and restores balance to entire body.

>>Feature: Contains bamboo sap for absorbing liquid and helping releasing swollen feet. Bamboo extract also has antiseptic and antibacterial effect.

>>Direction of use: It is recommended to use before going to the bed at night. Attach bamboo sap sheet with fixing sticker sheet and apply it on the bottom of your feet. Leave it overnight and the sheets will turn brown and hard after you wake up as it absorbs water from your feet.


- Wants to relax your tired body and have a good sleep to feel refreshed in the morning

- Improves Sleep

- Relaxation & Calmness

- Improve Blood Circulation


-Has dry and rough skin

-Detox & Cleanse

-Improves Metabolism

-Improves Blood Circulation

3. Grapefruit

-Aims for a refreshing body

-promotes weight loss

-improves digestion

-improves blood circulation

4. Titanium

-Relieves Joint Discomfort

-Relieves Body Pain

-Improve Metabolism & Immunity

-Improve Blood Circulation

5. Ginger (Gold)

-Gingerol Promote Digestion Regulate Browel

-Anit-inflamtory Relieves Arthritis Relieves menstrual pain

-Lower Cholesterol

-Improve Metabolism & Immunity

-Improve Blood Circulation

6. Red Pepper (Chilli)

- Warm Blood & Disperse cold

-Bring oxygen, glucose, vitamin, mineral to tissuse

-Improve metabolism & Immunity

-Improve Blood circulation

7. Rose

-Radiant Skin Glow (=60x oranges)

-Reduce Skin fatique

-Anti-inflamation-sore throats constipation UTI

-improve metabolism & immunity

-improve blood circulation

made in japan

Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
Ashirira Foot Relax & Detox Sheet 2pcs - 7 Types
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