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Arya Beaute Advanced Hot Serum | Slimming Serum | Arya Beaute沉香纤体精华

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Type: Slimming + Body Shaper

Arya Beaute Advanced Hot Serum contains Agarcinoides™, a blend of premium agarwood oil, Capsaicinoides, natural and organic ingredients that help to fight the excessive body fat and control weight to achieve a slim and healthy body. It has amazing scent, which gives you a pleasant feel and confidence for daily use.

Agarwood oil, also known as Oud oil, has a unique chemical compound, namely: agarol (sesquiterpen), aquillochin (couinarinolignan), α-agarofurans, β-agarofurans, agarospirol, jinkohol, jinkoh–eremol, selinene, isodihydroagarofuran, kusenol, and dihydroagarofuran. This is an essential oil with enormous healing potential that covers a huge range of health problems. These chemical compounds are believed to be therapeutic ingredients that work for rejuvenating, detoxifying, tonic and antioxidant for the skin.

Benefits of Agarcinoides™:

Natural Muscle Relaxer
Natural Organic Ingredients
Skin Repair
Direction of Use

Pump 1 drop for 1 small targeted area such as arm, 2 drops for thigh area and 3 drops for stomach area. Massage until fully absorbed. Slight heat may be felt depending on individual, therefore feel free to customise the quantity according to your individual preference. The tingling and heat sensation to ensure the serum is working to its fullest potential.
Use twice a day, in the morning and before sleep for ideal result. The serum works best when your body is getting warm. Therefore, apply it before working out or do some gentle exercises after application.
Avoid eyes and mucus membranes and immediately wash your hands after application.
30 ml

Arya Beaute纤体精华含有Agarcinoides™,混合了优质沉香油,辣椒素,等天然成份配合, 给肌肤直接滋润,促进排汗, 血液循环,以达到收缩去脂减肥之功能,控制体重,实现您苗条健康的身躯。沉香油具有独特的化合物,可調理及治疗多种健康问题。生物化学活性原理,促进微循环,恢复活力,排毒,滋补和抗氧化。






30 ml
Arya Beaute Advanced Hot Serum | Slimming Serum | Arya Beaute沉香纤体精华
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