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I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing

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书名:I am Itut-Itut


作者 : Jainal Amambing


ISBN :  9789671326206

出版时间 : 2015




This story is based on a Rungus folktale, Itut-Itut Oku Bala captured in English for the first time. The Rungus are an ethnic group of Borneo, residing primarily in northern Sabah, Malaysia. The book is a result of a community project aimed at promoting reading and to preserve Rungus language and culture through stories. This project is supported by the British Council ELTDP (English Language Teacher Development Project).



Itut-Itut works hard on his farm. One day he finds some crops have been stolen. He sets a trap and finds something very surprising. 





JAINAL AMAMBING comes from Sabah, East Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. His paintings have appeared in a number of exhibitions organised by the Sabah Art Gallery. He has won several art competitions and awards at State and International levels such as the Sabah Annual Art Selection and the NomaConcours Award, organised by the Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO, Tokyo. Jainalwon the Second prize at the 2006 and 2000 NomaConcours; he was runner up in 2004 and 2002, and received the Encouragement Prize in 2008 and 1998. Many of Jainal’s paintings and illustrations depict the traditional lifestyles of indigenous people in Sabah. Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, the highest mountain in Malaysia, can also be seen in Jainal’s paintings and illustrations. Jainal is married with four children and they live on a farm in Kudat, Sabah.

I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
I Am Itut- Itut / Jainal Amambing
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