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Aluminium Sub-Frame MY1345 ALUCLASS

RM 26.50
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Out of Stock
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West Malaysia - RM 6.00
East Malaysia - RM 24.50
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Product Information
  • Width/ piece: 25.00mm
  • Height/ piece: 17.50mm
  • Thickness/ piece: 0.75mm
  • Please allow tolerance of +/- 10mm
  • For custom length requirement, please PM us!


Length Guide (Approximate Conversion):

2FT = 61CM

3FT = 91CM

4FT = 122CM

7FT = 210CM


Colour Code:

MF (Mill Finish)

NA (Natural Anodized)

PF (Matte Black Powder Coating)

PD (Grey Powder Coating)

P1 (White Powder Coating)

MB (Bronze Anodized)

*P1 (White Powdercoat) only available in West Malaysia

*PC (White Powdercoat only available in Sarawak


Please take note for full length orders - please make special arrangement through chat, otherwise we will cut to the suitable logistics dimension. Please allow cutting tolerance of +/- 10MM and any questions can PM us. Thanks!


Pos Laju:

610CM = 150CM + 150CM + 150CM + 150CM

488CM < L < 610CM = 150CM + 150CM + 150CM + balance

300CM < L < 488CM = 150CM + 150CM + balance

Aluminium Sub-Frame MY1345 ALUCLASS
Aluminium Sub-Frame MY1345 ALUCLASS
Aluminium Sub-Frame MY1345 ALUCLASS
Shipping Information
ZoneWeightDelivery Fee (RM)
West MalaysiaFirst 3.00 kg6.00
Extra 1.00 kg2.00
East MalaysiaFirst 0.50 kg14.30
Extra 0.50 kg5.10