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Air Con Cleaner Non-Fragrance 420ml

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today for your Do-It-Yourself aircond cleaning as it is easy to use and will help deodorize bad odour in an air conditioner with green tea extract that prevents mold or fungus building up between the cooling fins and eliminating up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses with its powerful jet trigger nozzle for better cleaning Packaging Size: 420ml/ bottleProduct Expiry: April 2023Usage: 1 can of spray for 1 unit of air-con Safe & Strongly Recommended for DIY It is made from Japan No. 1 Household insecticide manufacturer, trustable source, and effective results. Non-fragrance. Convenient for Do It Yourself (DIY)

Improves Air Quality This air conditioner antibacterial spray with trigger nozzle design is made to effectively eliminate pollen, mold, slime, dirt, and other build-ups that are bad to fitness.

Also eliminates the cause of allergies which otherwise are unreachable by conventional useless cleaning techniques.

Prolongs Your Aircon Unit's Lifespan Standard air conditioner maintenance should keep your unit as best as new. Now you can clean your air cond as easy as possible. No rinsing needed, just spray on it and leave it to dry.

Makes Your Aircon Unit More Power-Efficient Due to dirt build-up, your aircon will have a difficult time cycling the air via the components. By cleaning your unit yourself, you will get rid of the build-up and get your air conditioner running perfectly again, permitting it to use less power to function. No More Bad Odours This aircon cleaner spray helps deodorize with green tea leaf extract, leaving you a fresher and more neutralized smellEarth Home MalaysiaNo. 1 Natural Household Insecticide, Disinfectant, Pest Control Manufacturer in Japan, Earth Corporation Malaysia offering a wide range of products such as pest control, bath addictive, oral care, household cleaning products, personal hygiene products and many more.

Air Con Cleaner Non-Fragrance 420ml
Air Con Cleaner Non-Fragrance 420ml
Air Con Cleaner Non-Fragrance 420ml
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