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[MPLUS] Snore Pacifier Anti-Snore Tongue Stabilizing Device (Tsd)

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Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 2cm x 22cm

The Pacifier TSD is a revolutionary sleep aid that can help alleviate and treat common nighttime sleep disorders, particularly those that cause breathing disruption and airway blockages.

The Pacifier TSD was developed in the United States by top researchers in the sleep science field with the aim of creating a simple yet effective device to help with problems that deal with noisy, constricted breathing. With the help of the Pacifier, you now have the opportunity to sleep deeply and peacefully, and awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Compared to the usual bedtime breathing sleep aids, the Pacifier TSD is truly easy to use; it is not something that needs to attach to the teeth and it doesnt necessitate a fitting by a dentist. It is a one-size-fits-all solution that doesnt require any molding. Nighttime breathing noises are caused by the vibrations that result in air passing through an obstructed airway.

Generally, these airway obstructions happen while you sleep, when muscles in the upper throat relax causing the tongue to fall back into the airway. The Pacifier TSD is a quick and easy way to help treat this problem. Its elegantly simple design holds the tongue in a more forward position, allowing the airway to stay clear and open.

[MPLUS] Snore Pacifier Anti-Snore Tongue Stabilizing Device (Tsd)
[MPLUS] Snore Pacifier Anti-Snore Tongue Stabilizing Device (Tsd)
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