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[MPLUS] Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combipack

[MPLUS] Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combipack
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Size (length*width*height): 6cm x 7cm x 17cm

Vaginal douche

Vaginal hygiene is very important, especially in case of sexual activity, during menstruation and to prevent vaginal infections such as a bacterial or yeast infection. Vaginal douching offers the most intensive way of vaginal hygiene and dates back to the days of Cleopatra. The Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche is easy to use, re-usable, easy to clean and to be used with Multi-Gyn Tablets or just luke warm water.

The Multi-Gyn vaginal douche meets all the requirements and wishes as specified in a survey amongst women and professionals (gynecologists and GPs). It has been tested in the laboratory and proves to flush (and not spray) clean, efficiently and gently. The canula has a valve that makes it impossible to suck back in any fluids.

The canula is easy to insert. The canula is of a special plastic that can be formed to the individual anatomical shape of the user. Because of the combination of the angle in which the canula is attached to the reservoir and the pliable bottleneck, the douche can be used in any position; sitting on the toilet, standing under the shower or lying down. The result of the design is a practical, woman friendly, highly effective and ergo-dynamic device. The douche is packaged in a box with product information.


  • Flushes clean, efficiently and gently
  • A special membrane that prevents the build-up of pressure and prevents suck-back of fluid
  • Has a female friendly and ergonomic shape
  • Can easily be used in any desired position
  • Has an optimal douching-effect, because the applicator flushes forward and sideways
  • Smooth canula of flexible medical plastic
  • Handy squeeze-bottle with adjustable application angle
  • Ideal in combination with Multi-Gyn Tablets

Multi-Gyn tablets

Multi-Gyn Tablets create a concentrated purely herbal vaginal douching fluid that is aimed at the relief and prevention of complaints such as itch, burning and excessive and/or malodorous discharge. The Tablets are placed in the douching flacon that is filled with luke-warm water. Since they are effervescent tablets they dissolve quickly and 1 tablet is enough for 1 application.

Multi-Gyn Tablets create a fluid that is mildly cleansing and soothing. It stimulates a healthy vaginal environment and the growth of lactobacilli. It can also be applied for the cleaning of the intimate parts and for a hip bath. Multi-Gyn Tablets are absolutely safe, preservative-free and natural. They do not contain hormones or toxic substances and have no harmful side effects.


  • Excellent for intensive intimate hygiene
  • Helps to prevent vaginal infections
  • Optimizes the vaginal flora
  • No preservatives, supports Lactobacilli
  • Relief of undesirable vaginal odor and discharge
  • Absolutely safe, no harmful side-effects
  • For use in combination with the Vaginal Douche
[MPLUS] Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combipack
[MPLUS] Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche Combipack
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