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[FREE GIFT]Secret Temptations Natural Chia Seed Combo Pack (100gm)

[FREE GIFT]Secret Temptations Natural Chia Seed Combo Pack (100gm)
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1. Skin and Aging
Antioxidants speed up the skins repair systems and prevent further
damage. Taking chia seeds can prevent premature skin aging due to
inflammation and free radical damage.

2. Digestive Health
Chia is super-high in fiber.
Fiber is essential for your bodys ability to balance insulin levels. Chia
seeds create a gelatin-like substance in the stomach.

3. Heart Health
Chia seeds ability to reverse inflammation, regulate cholesterol
and lower blood pressure make it extremely beneficial to consume for
heart health

4. Help Treat Diabetes
Because chia seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid and fiber, chia seeds
can help prevent metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia (excessive fat in
the blood)and insulin resistance,which are two factors in the
development of diabetes.

5. Boost Your Energy and Metabolism
Chia seeds enhanced exercise performance for workouts that lasted 90
minutes the same way a sugar-laden sports drink would, but without all
the unhealthy sugar.

6. Stronger Bones
Chia also contains boron, which is another essential nutrient for bone
health. Boron helps metabolize calcium, magnesium, manganese and
phosphorus for healthy growth of bones and muscles.

7. Build Muscle and Lose Weight
Chia seeds also rank among the top plant-based sources of protein. This
is another reason this super seed is great to consume for those trying to
put on lean muscle, burn fat and balance blood sugar levels.

8. Fight Breast and Cervical Cancer
Chia seeds are rich in alpha lipoic acid (or ALA), which is an omega-3
fatty acid

9. Dental Health
With chia seeds packed with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and zinc,
its no wonder that theyre a top food to help your teeth. Calcium is the
building block of your teeth and necessary for tooth health.
Zinc prevents tartar by keeping plaque from mineralizing onto your
teeth and has an antibacterial effect that keeps bad breath germs away.
Vitamin A and phosphorus are also important for strong teeth and a
healthy mouth.

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[FREE GIFT]Secret Temptations Natural Chia Seed Combo Pack (100gm) x 1

[FREE GIFT]Secret Temptations Natural Chia Seed Combo Pack (100gm)
[FREE GIFT]Secret Temptations Natural Chia Seed Combo Pack (100gm)
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