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5.2mm X 300mm Self-Locking Nylon Cable Tie Black - 20 Pcs

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9 Points
  • UV stabilised head/pawl integrally moulded for added durability. Tip designed for easy pick up, insertion and pull through

  • Smooth round edges do not cut insulation

  • Self-locking low profile head conserves space

  • For outdoors - use UV stabilised black ties

Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 12cm x 2cm x 28cm

What's in the box:

1 X5.2mm X 300mm Nylon Cable Tie Black - 20 Pcs

The halogen free range of standard nylon cable ties meet the most basic of cable tie needs, with choices suitable for a wide range of size and strength requirements.

The one piece, injection moulded construction provides maximum strength and adjustability for securing all sizes of bundles. Extra features such as rounded edges and bent tip design make installation fast, easy, accurate and secure. Installation tools are not required but are suggested where controlled, uniform tension and cut-off applications are desired.

Technical Data

Conformant Standards
UL; Mil Spec; IEC; VDE; DIN

MS 3367 MS 3368-physical dimensions
Mil-S-23190E - testing
Mil-Std-105D - sampling
Mil-C-45662 - test equipment calibration
Mil-1-45208A - QC manual and systems

Smoke Emission
Low smoke / Halogen free

BLACK - Nylon 66 (UL Recognized
Material Tensile Strength
80 N/mm2 or 11200 psi

Operating Temperature
-40C to 85C

Passed - U.L. 94V.2

UV Stability
Exceeds ASTM-D-4066 with
2.5% carbon black giving nominal 15 years normal exposure to UV with less than 10% yield in tensile strength
5.2mm X 300mm Self-Locking Nylon Cable Tie Black - 20 Pcs
5.2mm X 300mm Self-Locking Nylon Cable Tie Black - 20 Pcs
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