Order Refund only applicable to the circumstances below:

  • Product Discontinued / Out of Stock
  • Delivery time longer than delivery period mentioned in the product page
  • Product Malfunction / Wrong Product delivered
    Unless otherwise stated by the seller in writing at store page / product descriptions.


Refund is NOT applicable for:

  • Request after 7 days from the received date
  • Product damage by courier
  • The product being used / tested for more than 7 days
  • Returned due to customer unreachable / not available at the location
  • All virtual tickets, mobile top-up and any other similar type of services
  • Certain items cannot be received, stored, shipped, imported and/or exported due to regulatory, hazard, safety or other reasons. Transactions involving these commodities are strictly prohibited, regardless of origin or destination. In the event that the dispute occurred, the seller and the customer have to take full responsibilities on the return and refund losses. 

Refund options will be offered to customers as listed below

Option 1: Product Exchange

  • Exchange with other product(s) listed in Youbeli.com
  • If the value of the new item(s) exceeds the amount of the original item, the difference thereof should be paid by the customer.
  • If the value of the new item is less than the amount of the original item, then the difference thereof will be converted to Youbeli Wallet under customer's Youbeli.com account.
  • Delivery charges of the new item will be borne by the customer.

Option 2: Convert payment to Youbeli Wallet under customer's Youbeli account

  • The paid amount will be converted to Youbeli Wallet which can be fully redeemed for future orders.
  • Customer will receive a notification via email whenever the Youbeli Wallet is updated.

Option 3: Full refund to customer

  • For payment that is paid through credit card / e-wallet, the payment will be proceeded for a reversal transfer back to the original payment account, and it will take approximately 7-14 working days to be reflected in your credit card / e-wallet account.
  • For FPX / Online transfer / Bank in / 7 eleven Razer Cash, bank details will be required by Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd for the refund process. It will take approximately 7-14 working days to be reflected in your bank account.

Refund Timeframe

Payment Method Refund Destination Refund Timeframe
Youbeli Wallet / 8excite Point Youbeli Wallet Within 24 hours
PayPal PayPal Account Within 24 hours
Boost / GrabPay / TnG / Setel / Mcash Boost / GrabPay / TnG / Setel 3-5 Working Days
Debit / Credit Card Debit / Credit Card
The same card that the client used to pay
5-15 Working Days
Online Banking / 7 Eleven / MBBQR / KiplePay Bank Account
Bank details are required to proceed refund
7-14 Working Days

** Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd will not assume any liability if the bank information given by the customer was incorrect.

Return Policy
Under normal circumstances, there will be NO EXCHANGE, RETURN OR REFUND of any items that are purchased, regardless if the products have been picked-up, opened or unopened and so on.

For purchased items that is verified and agreed by Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd where the faulty or defective items are a result caused by external factors (such as during delivery), these items will be available for exchange for the same item. These items must be hand delivered to Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd pick up and payment centre. The shipping costs of the return shall be borne by the client or the seller on the basis of the agreement of both parties.

Under circumstances where products that are required to be sent back to the supplier (local or overseas) additional handling and service charges may occur. These charges are to be borne by the customer, in the case of such items are defective as a result due to error by the customer unless the error is caused by our side / the seller.

Any other cases that qualify for an exchange and return may incur a re-stocking fee.

Important Note:

  • All refund or exchange for any item(s) purchased must be returned to us within 3 working days upon receiving the products ordered (pick-up or delivery). No further dispute will be entertained after 3 working days from the received date.
  • Please note that Youbuy Online Sdn Bhd will not be able to accept returns of PC Games due to system incompatibility of games with your PC System. We highly recommend a thorough search on the game’s manufacturers’ website and/or external Internet resources for more information before purchasing a PC Game.
  • Return and refund policy will be checked from the sellers as well before proceeding for any further action, therefore, do check the seller's return and refund policy before purchasing.

Supporting Document of Return Refund

  1. Damaged product
    • Photo(s) and/or video of the product, showing physical damage (e.g. cracks, defects)
    • Photo(s) and/or video showing condition of the internal and external packaging of the parcel
    • Photo of the Air Waybill (AWB) attached on the parcel
  1. Faulty product
    • Photo(s) and/or video of the product, showing it does not work as intended (e.g. electronic device that does not work despite connecting to power source/battery inserted)
  1. Incomplete/missing product
    • Photo(s) and/or video of the parcel received and products it contains
    • Photo of the Air Waybill (AWB) attached on the parcel that shows the content/weight of the parcel you should have received
    • Photo showing all the products received in the parcel on a weighing scale to show actual total weight
  1. Wrong product
    • Photo(s) and/or video of the parcel received and products it contains
    • Screenshot(s) of actual product from seller’s listing in Youbeli.com
    • Photo of product being measured using a measuring tool (from one end to the other) if the product’s size is wrong.