Durex 12pcs BIG BOX condoms FeelThin Elite HugClose Perfoma Together Jeans Classic

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12pcs BIG BOX durex condoms FeelThin Elite HugClose Perfoma Together Jeans Classic

We will randomly sent out per box Inside will be 12pcs better smell We understand your Privacy. Product are sealed in black plastic, no one will know what's inside.Product name will not written on the package/form Kami memahami Privasi anda. Produk dimeteraikan dalam plastik hitam, tiada sesiapa yang akan tahu apa yang di dalam. Nama produk tidak akan ditulis pada bungkusan Durex Condom 12pcs/box • Nominal width 52.5mm • Easy on shaped, teat ended and lubricated for comfort & fit • Transparent natural rubber latex condoms • Dermatologically tested • 100% electronically tested Durex Invisible Extra sensitive, Invisible Extra lubricant, and Real Feel are 10pcs / Box Product Detail - Together 52.5mm (Basic & Pleasant Smell) Asas dan Wangyi - Love 52.5mm (Basic & Pleasant Smell) Asas dan Wangyi - Comfort XL 56mm (Extra Large & Pleasant Smell) Saiz Besar - Closefit 49mm (Closer fit and better sensation, prevent slip off accidentally) Siaz Ketat - Pleasuremax 56mm (Ribbed & Dotted) Ribut dan Bertitik - Sensation 56mm (Dotted) Bertitik - Tingle 52.5mm (Tingling Sensation Lube) Sensasi Tingling - Extra Safe 52.5mm (Thick Condom) Kondom tebal - Fetherlite 52.5mm (Ultra Thin) Ultra Nipis - Fetherlite Ultima 52mm (Super fine condoms with Sensi-fit™, 20% Thinner than standard condom) - Fetherlite Warming 52.5mm (Ultra Thin + Warming Pleasure Gel) Ultra Nipis + Sensasi Warming - Fetherlite 52mm (Ultra Thin + Extra lubricant) Ultra Nipis + Pelincir tambahan - Performa 52.5mm (Prolong) Tahan Lama - RealFeel 56mm (Non-Latex, natural skin on skin feeling) Bukan Latex Kondom - Invisible Extra Sensitive (Durex Thinnest Condom, extra sensitivity) Paling Nipis - Invisible Extra Lubricated (Durex Thinnest Condom, extra lubricated) Paling Nipis 100% electronically tested#durexmalaysia #durexcondom #durexoriginal #sex #personalsecurity #woldthinnestcondom #durexinvisible #durexrealfeel #durexskintoskincondom #bestcondom #durexkondom #durexkondommalaysia #orgasm #sexualcondom #flirt #bfbirthdaygift #giftidea #birthda
Durex 12pcs BIG BOX condoms FeelThin Elite HugClose Perfoma Together Jeans Classic

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