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YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g

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Size (length*width*height): 25cm x 24cm x 15cm

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YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g

Wheat is a whole grain that is full of several essential nutrients. It is the seed that eventually grows into wheat grass you may see in fields. Wheat germ is a component of the grain, which contains the endosperm, bran and germ. Whole grains are full of fiber. Usage : Sprinkle it to cereal, add it to your baked goods recipe or sneak it into your pancake batter. Follow a balanced diet and eat foods from all food group for optimal nutrition. Adding wheat germ to your favorite foods is a simple way to put whole grains into your diet.



YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g
YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g
YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g
YSZ Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽 400g
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