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Wizzit automatic tweezer - Hair-free up to 4 weeks!

Wizzit automatic tweezer - Hair-free up to 4 weeks!
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Product Information
WATCH Wizzit Commercial
(Note: This is the USA commercial, price quoted in USD)

Recommended for:
Armpit & facial hair removal
Silky smooth and soft skin –
hair removal in a fraction of the time!

With the old tweezers and mirror, it takes ages to get rid of embarrassing facial hair and it’s painful too. But now there’s something that’s both fast and gentle. And it works so well, you won’t even need a mirror.

It’s the Wizzit: An amazing invention that literally finds, grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks.

It is specially designed to reach out and firmly hold on to the hair and its rotating action ensures a gentle and thorough removal of the hair shaft, root and all.

This unique technology attracts hair like a magnet, so you will never need a mirror. Just sweep the Wizzit around the problem area and you will never miss a hair. That’s why it’s 50 times faster than tweezers.

The Wizzit has no blades, instead working as an epilator, gently removing hair and leaving you with smooth hair-free skin. You can use it anywhere on your body, even on those areas where you were afraid to shave, pluck or wax before. It’s 50 times faster and more efficient than tweezers, so you never have to spend a long time on just one place, or worrying about whether or not you got the hair from its root or just from the surface.

As a bonus we also give you this handy manicure and make-up set to complete your grooming kit.

• Includes FREE Manicure + Make-up brush Set and Travel Bag

My Personal Review (Pls read before purchase babes):

First of all, i never trust all As Seen on TV ads fully myself, it’s always too good to be true, hence I ‘m putting up my own review again to detail the pros and the cons.

I’ll rate this product a 3.8 out of 5 for epilators. Zit is a little noisy when in operation, it’s just the sound tho, it does not mean any harm. Btw, the 3.8 rating is given because the exterior design and feel is just average, does not feel sleek or luxurious on the outside, just plain looking. Performance wise it’s not bad.


Similar to tweeze, I only recommend this for those who want to remove facial/armpit hair or smaller areas such as naval. Not recommended for hair removal on arms, legs or bikini line. I use it primarily for armpit hair removal, it removes approx. 80% of the hairs, the remaining ones gets abit tricky to be removed because the hairs are on uneven surface area. SOmetimes I gotta use manual tweezer tho remove the remaining hairs, other times i managed to get it out with Wizzit with correct angling. It takes abit of getting used to at the uneven surface area. Pulling your skin taut with the other hand whilst simultaneously Wizz-ing it over helps too.

BIKINI LINE – used in conjunction with SmoooothLegs

An experiment I’ve tried for bikini line which worked is to use SmoooothLegs first, and after 3-5 days, follow up with using Wizzit to pluck the new hairs that sprouted. It worked pretty well but takes a looong time. so i recommend using a high end epilator if you can afford it.

The downside of it is that it requires two products and needs to wait for a few days for the hair to grow a few mm before Wizzit can be used. Also it removes about 70% of the hairs, remainng ones were too short for it to pull. It took some time for bikini like too because it has more hair than other areas.A better suggestion for removal of bikini line conveniently and quickly is still using a proper epilator, Wizzit has only 3 epilator doing the pulling job, like Tweeze; there are higher end epilators out there which costs between RM 200++ – 500++ which has 30-50 epilators in one unit and it can indeed remove hairs on legs/arms, bikini line rather quickly. We have EMjoi Optimini, a high end epilator i stock for those who are interested, feel free to enquire within.

It lasts for about 2 weeks and thereafter the tiny hairs will start to grow again. The ad says 6 weeks, it’s not that long, perhaps it varied depending on individual. 2 weeks is still good in my opinion, because i used to shave every 2-3 days using razors. 2 weeks saves me lotsa time!


It is important to follow the following tips for better results:

- Hold it at ninety degrees to the skin, with the logo facing away from you – Wizzit works efficiently, and finds hairs where you didn’t know you had them.

- Remove the transparent blue cover for better effectiveness

- Roll it against the direction of hair growth

- For curly/longer hairs(more than 1cm), it is recommended to trim beforehand

Unlike tweezers, it is most effective on very short hairs, which are pulled out with a prickling sensation. Longer hairs are a little more painful (same as with ordinary tweezers), so you might suffer a bit the first time you use Wizzit. After that, using it “little and often” removes hairs almost before you know they’re there.

3rd party review (Thanks to AND!)


"Pretty @stellachen96 using our Wizzit Automatic Tweezer for faster hair removing result, so easy and convenient!"

Wizzit automatic tweezer - Hair-free up to 4 weeks!
Wizzit automatic tweezer - Hair-free up to 4 weeks!
Wizzit automatic tweezer - Hair-free up to 4 weeks!
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