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Winner WDS04 Aluminium Double Sided Tanglepruf Ladder 4 Step 966MM (3.2')

Winner WDS04 Aluminium Double Sided Tanglepruf Ladder 4 Step 966MM (3.2')
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Product Information


  • Steps: 4
  • Height: 966mm (3.2')
  • Available from 4 to 16 steps
  • Double sided stepladder with tanglepruf feature
  • Upgraded heavy duty steps for superior strength and durability. Superior to all standard double sided ladders in the market
  • 150kg (330 lbs) Maximum Static Vertical Load
  • Reinforced plastic braces for improved strength and durability of stile ends
  • Includes tool tray for improved utility - holds small tools and makes your work so much more convenient


Tanglepruf is an innovation designed to eliminate the common problem of accidental damage to the hinge of a stepladder.

Tanglepruf hinges are hidden within the body of the stepladder, making it virtually impossible to damage the hinges of the stepladder accidentally. This increases the service life of our stepladders and translates to greater value for customers.

Heavy Duty Steps

Regular steps in the market are prone to deformation when used due to the open channel shape of the steps. When that happens, the ladder becomes unsafe to use and the user will require a new ladder for optimum operational safety.

To address this problem with ladders in the market, we upgraded the steps on our double-sided ladders to a closed channel shape. This configuration significantly increases the strength of the steps which is superior to available offerings in the market.

The result of this improvement is a heavy duty and superior stepladder at minimal additional cost to the customers.

Closed channel shape for superior strength and durability
Our upgraded strong steps will be very resistant to these step deformations that is common among regular stepladders

Model Step No. A-Shape Height Working Height
mm ft mm ft
WDS04 4 966 3.2 2579 8.5
WDS05 5 1211 4.0 2824 9.3
WDS06 6 1457 4.8 3070 10.1
WDS07 7 1702 5.6 3315 10.9
WDS08 8 1947 6.4 3560 11.7
WDS09 9 2193 7.2 3806 12.5
WDS10 10 2438 8.0 4051 13.3
WDS11 11 2683 8.8 4297 14.1
WDS12 12 2929 9.6 4542 14.9
WDS14 14 3419 11.2 5033 16.5
WDS16 16 3910 12.8 5523 18.1

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