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Wellderma Earth Marine Moist Foam Cleanser 120g

Wellderma Earth Marine Moist Foam Cleanser 120g
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Wellderma Earth Mari
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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 4cm x 4cm x 9cm

Formulation: Foam

Skin Concerns: Dry + Combination

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Sun Protection: < SPF 30

Skin Type: All Types

Ingredient Type: Natural

What it is

1. Deep Cleansing : it helps remove not only fine dust and waste stuck inside pores also excessive sebum on the skin to make the skin smooth and clean.
2. Mineral moisture protctive barrier : Minerals in Earth Marine form moisture protective barriers to keep the skin moist even after being washed without a feeling of dryness.
3. Mild and skin protection : Rich, dense fresh-cream like bubble gently soothes the skin and makes it moist and refreshed.

Skin solution

1. Pore / Waste : Concern over wide pores resulting from not having fine dust, sebum and waste removed from pores thoroughly.
2. Sensitive skin : The skin that easily gets problematic even from small changes in environment due to dryness or an imblance between oil and water.
3. Dryness after cleansing : The skin feeling uncomfortable and dry after washing face.

Main ingredients

1. Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract : Rich saponin create even more bubble which helps vitalize and conditions the skin to keep it clean
2. Sea water : Sea water is a highly moisturizing element that makes the seriously dry skin vital and healthy by activating the skin's moisture energy.(1,000PPM)

How to use

1. Mix it with water appropriately with your hands to lather enough for cleansing.
2. Gently massage all over the face with bubble and rinse away with warm water.
Wellderma Earth Marine Moist Foam Cleanser 120g
Wellderma Earth Marine Moist Foam Cleanser 120g
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