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Walnut Peeling Gel (10ml) X 3

Walnut Peeling Gel (10ml) X 3
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Product Information

Removes keratin gently to restore skin perfection

When skincare products fail to produce desirable results, the problem may not lie in the products themselves, but rather, the incompleteness of the user’s skincare routine. No skincare routine is complete without keratin removal for once or twice a week. Keratin prevents the skin from fully absorbing nutrients. With keratin removed, your skin will be able to truly enjoy the nourishment of skincare products.

Keratin is a type of dead cell that can be found on the stratum corneum - the outer most layer of the skin. It protects the skin like an amour, making it very vital to the skin. Keratin metabolism normally takes about 28 days; slowly working its way up from the basal level to the surface, before being disposed of as dirt. However, affected by our modern lifestyles, our body may fail to shed the keratin properly, causing the keratin to accumulate on our skin.

This will eventually lead to several skin problems as well as affect the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. You can use the most expensive skincare product in the world and still not be able to enjoy its full benefits if you did not have keratin removed because the nutrients will not be able to completely reach and nourish your skin.

Research shows that our skin, without keratin removed, only gets to absorb about 30-40% of the nutrients of skincare products. With keratin removed though, the percentage will soar to an amazing 80-90%. So taking the time and effort to remove keratin each time before you apply your skincare products is definitely worthwhile.

The new and improved Walnut Peeling Gel is formulated using a unique type of walnut granule. It comes with a moisturising effect that softens the keratin first before removing gently it from the skin, making it especially suitable for oily skin. Those with normal skin type can also consider using the Seaweed Peeling Cream.

Smaller pores, smoother skin
With the excess keratin gone, your pores can finally breathe freely, shrinking them and at the same time, helping your skin absorb more nutrients. As a result, your skin will become as smooth as a freshly hard-boiled egg - perfect skin with zero visible pores.

Perfect for all skin types, but especially effective for oily skin.


Wash and dry your face. Gently massage a small amount onto face with the tip of your finger in a circular motion. Rinse face when keratin is all removed. For the best results, apply facial mask right after the process.

Twice a week recommended.

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