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Voices from Moro Land

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9789833782369 – Voices from Moro Land
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Perspectives from Stakeholders and Observers on the Conflict in the Southern Philippines
Editors: Peter Kreuzer & Rainer Werning
New Hb219 pp.
Subjects: Philippines, Politics
Condition: Good
Publisher: SIRD_x000D
Peace negotiations continue between the Moro people and the Philippine state in one of the world's longest struggles for self-determination, now often seen erroneously solely through the lens of regional terrorist links. But what of the Bangsamoro (Moro people) themselves, now a minority in their own homeland? What are the roots of their bitter struggles for autonomy? And how did this resource-rich area become an impoverished zone, riddled with violence? History casts a long shadow over current affairs in Mindanao. The decline of the thriving Sultanates and local economies under Spanish colonialism prefigured Mindanao's relegation to a backwater under the Americans, and later, as a reluctant part of the Philippine nation. This book showcases analyses by the major stakeholders themselves, including politicians, advisers, and members of the traditional elite and intelligentsia. Covering aspects as diverse as the roots of the conflict, economic development, and the various peace agreements, each chapter contains valuable insights to anyone interested in a fair outcome for the Bangsamoro. In addition, the editors, long time scholars of Mindanao, provide 'outsider' pieces on the German media's distorting reports on the Abu Sayyaf kidnappings and on peace-building initiatives in Mindanao. An important compilation, this volume is essential reading for policymakers, researchers, journalists, and academics wishing to understand the struggles of the Moro peoples and their hopes for peace, justice and economic development.
Voices from Moro Land
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