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Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink

Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
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Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
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对于旅行箱如何安全性使用,您有多了解? 难道把它锁上,就安全了吗?
从今开始, 做个聪明又意识性高的旅游者吧。

不管您用什么锁头, 它还是会被打开然后再锁上, 完全不留痕迹。
Traveloc 不是锁头,但它可是补救锁头的不足之处, 并与锁头一起封上,带出更安全的效果。

Traveloc. 旅游安全的突破!
Nofity me when ...
price drops.
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Holiday destinations and Travels are a norm nowadays!
Luggage is "THE" essential item used by every traveler but luggage safety has always been neglected.

  • How much do you understand and know about the importance of luggage safety?
  • Is it truly safe just to depend on the simple locking mechanism attached to all luggage or even the small conventional locks?
  • Are you aware of the repercussions concerning this issue of luggage safety?
  • Have you ever thought that personal safety is implicated in the safety of your luggage?

With the knowledge of personal and luggage safety, You will be a highly conscious traveller.

Everyone knows that the conventional locks can be opened and relocked without trace of tampering and yet these conventional locks are used to secure the luggage.

Traveloc is not a lock but a security seal that complements/remedies the deficiencies of the conventional locks.

Make •Traveloc• your priority in travel essential products! A breakthrough in innovation for travel safety.


Security Seal with Luggage Safety in Mind

Your Constant Travel Companion

Secure yourself with Traveloc which complements additional security and deterrent of tampering to the existing locking mechanism in your luggages.

Identify any tampering done to your luggages with just a quick look.

Prevent any dangerous items being put into your luggages without your knowledge. The tamper evident feature in Traveloc is the first line of defense in luggage safety.

Traveloc Express Refill Pack - Pink
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