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Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)

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Product Information
Detergent easily dissolves in water to effectively remove stains without leaving behind white powder residue* on clothes No soaking required before wash * Based on independent lab test in Japan Top contains a micro-capsulated perfume technology that provides up to 14 days of blooming freshness so that you smell and feel good all day long. Plant-Based MES Surfactant Top is enhanced with Methyl Ester Sulphonates (or MES), a high-performance and environmentally friendly plant-based surfactant, providing high detergency while being carbon neutral and easily biodegradable in waste water. Top - The real anti-malodour expert Malodour is an unpleasant smell resulted from the reaction of oxygen with sebum of bacteria with protein and sebum on clothes under humid condition. Top's unique enzymatic technology and cleaning agent prevent malodour by digesting protein soil and bacteria cell walls and removing them together with sebum from fabrics.
Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)
Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)
Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)
Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)
Top Blooming Freshness Detergent (2.1kg)
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