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Tong Zhi Preserved Taiwan seeds / 同志 树子 ( 130 g / 1 Canned )

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Product Information
★It can be used for steaming fish and sautéing three sou. It is a good helper for housewives and chefs.
★Suitable for cooking, adding freshness and deliciousness to dishes..

• No preservatives
• No artificial sweeteners
• No artificial colors added
Product combination/specification: 130g
Commodity name: Preserved Taiwan Seeds
Commodity weight (capacity): 130g
Content name (ingredient): tree seedsoy sauce (watersoybeanswheat) water, sugar salt, flavoring agent (L-sodium glutamateDL-aminopropionic acidsodium succinate5-hypocyanin Sodium disodium succinate 5-guanine nucleotide disodium lactic acid) sodium metaphosphate sweetener (licorice extract)
Name of food additives: None
Place of origin (country): Taiwan
Manufacturer or domestic responsible manufacturer name: Master Sauce Co., Ltd..

商品組合/規格     :130g
商品品名             :樹子
商品重(容)量       :130g
內容物名稱(成分):樹子 醬油(水黃豆小麥) 水糖鹽、調味劑(L-麩酸鈉DL-胺基丙酸琥珀酸二納5-次黃瞟吟核甘酸二鈉琥珀酸二鈉5-鳥瞟吟核甘酸二鈉乳酸)偏磷酸鈉甜味劑(甘草萃)
食品添加物名稱  :無
原產地(國)          :台灣

Tong Zhi Preserved Taiwan seeds / 同志 树子 ( 130 g / 1 Canned )
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