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TNG Card NFC 2022

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Touch n Go - SmartTag
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New Enhanced Touch n Go card with NFC reload feature a hot sellerThe new Enhanced Touch n Go Cardis proving to be the latest hot ticket in town, as demand has seen the new card with the added near-field communication (NFC) capability become sold out within just three hours from its launch today.Some Touch n Go eWallet users including a few on theteam have experienced their orders disappearing from the eWallet apps order queue, though these missing orders have since returned. Although the NFC-capable Enhanced Touch n Go card has sold out on the eWallet mobile app, the new cards may still be available to purchase at physical retail stores.The new Enhanced version of the Touch n Go card essentially enables the topping up of credit to be done with an NFC-capable smartphone and the eWallet app, thus giving users the option of bypassing physical reload locations such as kiosks and retail outlets. According to Touch n Go, the new card also gains improved encryption for better security.As with the previous version of the card, credit balance on the Enhanced version of the cardcontinues to be separate from that of the eWallet, though this too can be linked using the PayDirect function. Non-PayDirect transactions will continue to withdraw from the physical cards balance.

TNG Card NFC 2022
TNG Card NFC 2022
TNG Card NFC 2022
TNG Card NFC 2022
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