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Tire Cementing Helper #53338

Tire Cementing Helper #53338
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Tamiya

Condition: new

Tire Cementing Helper #53338

Usable with :          

M05 - XB Alfa Romeo MiTo - Silver (M-05 CHASSIS) - Limited Version(84136)

M05 - XB Alfa Romeo MiTo - Black (M-05 CHASSIS) - Limited Version(84135)

M05 - XB Alfa Romeo MiTo - Yellow (M-05 CHASSIS) - Limited Version(84134)

M05 - M05 Blue Plated Version(84131)

TB03 - TB03R Chassis Kit(84109)

FF03 - Castrol Honda CIVIC VTi(58467)

TA05 - MOTUL NISMO GT-R Tokachi(58466)

M05 - Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR(58465)

M05 - Suzuki Swift Super 1600(58464)

FF03 - FF03 PRO Chassis Kit(58463)

TT01E - Datsun 240Z Rally(58462)

DF03Ra - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V WRC(58461)

DF03Ra - Datsun 240Z Rally Version(58459)

TT01E LP560-4 Super Trofeo - Lamborghini Gallardo(58458)

TA05 - Lamborghini Gallardo - TA05V.2 LP560-4 Super Trofeo(58456)

TT01ED - Nissan GT-R Drift Spec(58455)

M05 - Honda S800 Racing(58454)

M05 - Alfa Romeo MiTo(58453)

TT01ED - BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo(58451)

TT01R - TT01R Type-E Chassis Kit(58450)

TT01E - BMW M3 GT2 2009(58449)

TA05 - Corolla Axio apr GT - TA05V.2(58448)

DF03Ra - Lancia Delta Integrale(58446)

M05 - Abarth 500 Assetto Corse(58444)

M05 - M05 PRO Chassis Kit(58443)

TT01E Hatsune Miku - Team Studie GLAD BMW Z4(58442)

DF03RA - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X(58440)

TT01E - Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza(58439)

M05 - Mini Cooper Racing(58438)

TT01E - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X(58437)

TA05 - Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza - TA05V.2(58435)

TB03 - Calsonic IMPUL GT-R 2008(58434)

TT01E 2008 Original Teile - Mercedes AMG DTM C Class(58433)

TT01ED - Lexus GS400/Aristo w/LED(58432)

DF03 RA - Subaru Impreza WRC 2008(58430)

M03M - Fiat 500(58427)

TT01E - Subaru Impreza WRC 2008(58426)

TB03 - ORC Amemiya SGC-7(58425)

TB03 - Takata NSX 2008(58424)

TT01E - Porsche 911 GT3 Team KTR(58422)

TB03 - HP Drift Spec Chassis Kit - TB03D High Performance Racing(58420)

DF03 RA - Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '07(58417)

TT01E - Lamborghini Countach LP500S(58413)

TB03 - Xanavi Nismo GT-R (R35)(58412)

TT01E - Nissan GT-R (58411)

TT01E - Volkswagen Golf GTI Cup Car(58410)

TB03 - ARTA Garaiya(58409)

TT01E - Suzuki SX4 WRC(58408)

TT01E - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 07(58407)

TT01E - Nissan Fairlady Z Ver Nismo(58402)

M03L - MINI Cooper S 2006(58400)

TA05IFS - Raybrig NSX 2007(58398)

TA05IFS - Eclipse Advan SC430(58394)

TT01 w/LED Lights - BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing(58393)

TT01 LED Lights - Impreza WRC Monte Carlo '07(58390)

TA05IFS - EBBRO BTEC Maziora 350R(58389)

TT01 Team Germany LED Lights - BMW 320si WTCC 2006(58385)

M04L - Volkswagen Beetle(58383)

TT01 w/LED Lights - Mazda RX-7 FD3S (58382)

TA05 - Open Interface Tom's SC430(58381)

TT01 Vodafone Finished Body - AMG Mercedes DTM 2006(58379)

TA05 - Ferrari FXX(58378)

TT01 - Ferrari FXX(58377)

TA05 - Mobil 1 SC(58375)

TT01 w/LED Lights - NISMO Coppermix Silvia(58373)

TBEVOV - TB Evolution V Chassis(58371)

TA05 - ARTA NSX TA05(58369)

M03M - Suzuki Swift Super 1600(58368)

F103GT - Direct Drive Tour Chassis(58367)

TT01 w/LED Lights - NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune(58364)

TT01 Finished Body - Audi A4 DTM 2005 ABT Sptln(58363)

TT01 TT-01 Chassis - Tamiya 1/10 RC ESSO Ultraflo Supra (58359)

TA05 - Tamiya 1/10 RC ESSO Ultraflo Supra(58358)

TT01 Finished Body - Audi A4 DTM 2005 Red Bull(58355)

TA05 - Raybrig NSX 2005(58353)

TA05 - Mercedes Benz C-Class DTM(58350)

TA05 - Ferrari F430 (TA05)(58345)

TT01 - Ferrari F430(58343)

TT01 - Lancia Delta HF(58342)

TT01 - Mercedes C-Class DTM 2004(58341)

TT01 - Raybrig NSX 2004(58339)

TT01 - Ford Escort WRC(58335)

TT01 - Subaru Impreza WRC 2004(58333)

TT01 - Citroen Xsara WRC 2004(58332)

TT01 - Xanavi Nismo Z(58330)

M04M - Mazda Miata(58325)

TT01 - Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo(58323)

TT01 - Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34(58319)

TT01 - CLK-DTM AMG Mercedes(58318)

TT01 - Calsonic Skyline GT-R 2003(58314)

TT01 - Raybrig NSX 2003(58313)

TT01 - Ford Focus RS WRC 03(58308)

M04 - Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint(58307)

TT01 - Nissan 350Z Race Car(58304)

TT01 - Enzo Ferrari(58302)

M03L - BMW New Mini Cooper(58295)

M04L - BMW M Roadster(58240)

TT01E - RTR Datsun 240Z Rally(57804)

TT01E LP560-4 Super Trofeo - RTR Lamborghini Gallardo(57803)

M05 - RTR Alfa Romeo MiTo Red(57802)

TT01ED Drift Spec - RTR Nissan GT-R(57801)

TT01ED Drift Spec - RTR BMW M3 Sport Evo(57800)

TT01E - RTR BMW M3 GT2 2009(57799)

M05 Assetto Corse - RTR Abarth 500(57798)

TT01E Hatsune Miku - RTR Team Studie GLAD BMW Z4(57795)

TT01E - XB Cusco Impreza(57794)

TT01E - RTR Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X(57793)

TT01D (Type E) Drift Spec - RTR Lexus GS400(57792)

TT01E C Class Original Tiele - RTR Mercedes AMG DTM 2008(57791)

TT01E - RTR ORC Amemiya SGC-7(57790)

TT01E - RTR Xanavi NISMO GT-R R35(57788)

M03M - RTR Fiat 500(57787)

TT-01E - RTR Subaru Impreza WRC 2008(57786)

TT-01E Team KTR - RTR Porsche 911 GT3(57784)

TT-01E - RTR Countach LP500S(57780)

TT-01E - RTR Nissan GT-R(57779)

TT01E - RTR Volkswagen Golf GTI(57778)

TT01E - RTR Suzuki SX4 WRC(57777)

TT-01E - RTR Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - VIP 2007 (57776)

TT01E LED Lights - RTR Nissan Fairlady Z Nismo(57775)

M03L - RTR Mini Cooper S 2006(57773)

TT01 - RTR Eclipse Advan SC430(57771)

TT01 LED Lights - RTR BMW Z4 M Coupe Racing(57770)

M04L - RTR Volkswagen Beetle(57768)

TT01 LED Lights - RTR Impreza WRC MC '07(57767)

TT01 Team Germany LED Lights - RTR BMW 320si WTCC 2006(57764)

TT01 LED Lights - RTR Mazda RX-7(57763)

TT01 SC430 - RTR Open Interface Tom's(57761)

TT01 - RTR Audi A4 DTM 2006(57760)

TT01 - RTR Mobil 1 SC(57759)

TT01 - RTR Ferrari FXX(57758)

TT01 w/LED Lights - RTR Nismo Coppermix Silvia(57757)

M03M - RTR Suzuki Swift Super 1600 (57754)

TT01 - RTR ARTA NSX 2005(57753)

TT01 w/LED Lights - RTR Nismo R34 GTR Z-tune(57751)

Tamiya XB ESSO Ultraflo Supra(57750)

TT01 - RTR Raybrig NSX 2005(57745)

M03L - RTR Mini Cooper 2002(57744)

M03 - RTR Mini Cooper(57742)

Tamiya 1/10 XB Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM 2004(57740)

TT01 4WD - RTR Road Hawk(57739)

TT01 - RTR Enzo Ferrari(57737)

M03 - RTR Mini Cooper Monte Carlo(57736)

TT01 - RTR Raybrig NSX 2004(57735)

TT01 - RTR Xanavi Nismo Z(57734)

TT01 - RTR Subaru Impreza WRC2004(57733)

TT01 - RTR Citroen Xsara WRC 2004(57732)

TT01 - RTR Calsonic Impul Z(57730)

TT01 - RTR Porsche Carrera GT(57728)

TT01 - RTR Calsonic GT-R 2003(57726)

TT01 - RTR Raybrig NSX 2003(57725)

TT-01 - RTR Ford Focus RS WRC 03(57724)

TT01 - RTR Subaru Impreza WRC 2003(57722)

TT01 - RTR Abt-Audi TT-R(57721)

TT01 - RTR CLK-DTM 02 AMG Mercedes(57719)

TT-01 White - RTR M. Integra Type R White(57715)

M05 - Alfa Romeo MiTo(57065)

M05 - Honda S800 Racing(57064)

M05 - Abarth 500 Assetto Corse(57063)

M05 - Mini Cooper Racing(57062)

TA05 IFS-R Chassis Kit(49491)


TRF416 - HP TRF416 Chassis Kit - World Edition(42138)

TB Evolution V MS - Chassis Kit(42107)

TRF416 - TRF416 Chassis Kit(42106)

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