Your first-hand class to master E-commerce knowledge and operation!

Why digital transformation is so important to all SMEs now?

“Because Digital transformation is closing the gap between customer expectations and business services.”

This program is going to help more Malaysia enterprises earn more brand awareness and sales online.

Let the experts from Alibaba Business School change your perception towards E-commerce with their 10 years experience!

Who should come?

Individuals who has a certain e-commerce knowledge and wants to engage in e-commerce operation.

  • Traditional business who wish to transform their business online.
  • Digital business who wish to improve their business operation and master the latest E-commerce trend.

The Agenda

Day 1
(5.3.2019 : 9:00 - 17:30)
E-Commerce Operation
  • Make market predictions through objective analysis and data analysis;
  • Develop the guidelines of product planning;
  • Maximize the operation values according to the different stages and different objectives of a shop by utilizing the changes of operational paces.
Day 2
(6.3.2019 : 9:00 - 17:30)
Content Marketing
  • Analyze content marketing, understanding what real content marketing means;
  • The strategy of content marketing in Southeast Asia;
  • Analysis of the future operation trend of content marketing.
Day 3
(7.3.2019 : 9:00 - 17:30)
Shop Activities
  • Determine the pace and contents of activities by analyzing in the "7 steps for activity planning";
  • Guide the trainees to monitor based on their own shop events;
  • Understand the methods for assessing activity effects.

Speakers all the way from Alibaba Business School!


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