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The Neanderthal Sphere by Aihiave Servir

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9789671496305 – The Neanderthal Sphere
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Product Information
Author: Aihiave Servir
Paperback, 203 pages
Subject: Fiction
Condition: Good
Publisher: IndieGo Press
Published: April 2017
A serial killer is on the loose, a man on a mission to extinguish all criminals who have gone unpunished, to rid the world of scum and villainy. He is soon hunted by a specialist who has just what it takes to gun down the untrackable prey. But with no evidence to follow and deep betrayal from within the police force itself, success was at remote as the moon falling into the oceans.

Our protagonist soon realises that this killer isn’t alone. Outlying towns, cut off from communication with cities and central administration, revere this assassin like a prophet. A new religion has taken hold of their minds, leading to a future that could only mean civil war.

As our protagonist suffers the blows of Death, as the killer emerges victorious, the realization soon dawns upon us that the killer isn’t a man of sin. He is a shy individual, perhaps the most humane person on the planet, a man brainwashed and programmed to perform a duty that has to be done, for the sake of war, for the conquerors of... The Neanderthal Sphere
The Neanderthal Sphere by Aihiave Servir
The Neanderthal Sphere by Aihiave Servir
The Neanderthal Sphere by Aihiave Servir
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