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The Killer They Called a God

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9789810039219 – The Killer They Called a God
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Author: Ian Ward
Subjects: History, Japan, Malaysia
Condition: Good
Publisher: Media Masters Publishing
Published: 1992
Paperback, 346 pages
This work reveals one of the most outrageous stories to emerge from the Pacific War and its aftermath. A bizarre militarist fanatic by the name of Masanobu Tsuji, was Japan's most cunning and brutal war criminal. He was responsible for the massacre of some 10,000 to 15,000 Chinese civilians in Singapore and Malaya. He was also the key figure behind the worst atrocity ever committed against US servicemen - the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. Yet, British and American military authorities - fully aware of this monstrous colonel's wartime activities - conspired in the aftermath of the Pacific conflict to ensure he would never be brought to justice. It was a shameless "deal with the devil" arrangement. Britain, under local pressure in post-war Singapore, stage-managed the prosecution of seven Japanese officers for the very crimes that Tsuji had ordered. Backed by thorough research and firm documentation, the author sets out to prove that the celebrated "Chinese Massacre" hearing was a show-trial, a travesty of justice, politically motivated and predicated on recognizably false prosecution arguments and evidence.

As a result, two senior Japanese officers went to the gallows and five others were sentenced to life imprisonment. Tsuji, the real villain, went scot-free. Tsuji went on to become a best-selling author, a national celebrity and one of Japan's most popularly elected politicians. He was a founder member of the Liberal Democratic Party which has been in power ever since. Aided by prominent Australians, a fawning Western press and some gullible historians, Tsuji went on to hoax the world. Then in 1961 he suddenly disappeared. His tracks blurred where 16 years earlier he had stashed an illicit gold hoard.
The Killer They Called a God
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