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SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml

SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
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SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
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  • Dual benefit natural skin care product for deep moisturisation and rapid itch relief for dry, itchy, sensitive skin.
  • Soothe and moisturise in less than 5 minutes
  • Light and non-sticky
  • Ingredients are carefully chosen for sensitive or problem skin
  • No steroids or parabens
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1 x SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml, 1 x OPIKA Himalayan Pink Salt 500g

Suu Balm Story

Itchy skin is one of the most frustrating and annoying sensations you can have. Just thinking about a persistent itch is enough to drive you mad.

Many people have itchy skin, often due to various common skin conditions, such as eczema(atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, or hives (urticaria), which impacts on the quality of everyday life. The worst thing about an itch is that scratching makes it worse, and people with eczema feel it more than most people, so they are getting a double assault on the body.

Dr Tey Hong Liang, runs the Itch Clinic at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, a regional centre of excellence in skin disorders. Recognising that existing moisturisers and creams were not adequately treating his patients itchy dry skin. Dr Tey decided to create a solution.

Dr Tey combined the natural itch relieving and cooling power of menthol, with a high concentration of a ceramide-based moisturiser, which restores the natural skin barrier. Menthol works within minutes to relieve the itch, while its cooling effect also encourages frequent application, which is essential to allow the ceramides to repair the skin barrier. After two years of research and positive feedback from his patients, Dr Tey looked for a partner to help make his product available around the world.

The partner he chose was Good Pharma Dermatology, a company set up by Dr John OShea and Jason Humphries. John is a medical doctor from Ireland, with experience of managing skin issues in general practice, and Jason a marketing expert who specialises in pharmaceutical products. Together, they saw the importance of making Dr Teys product available to people globally.

They conducted a clinical trial at the National Skin Centre to prove its safety and efficacy. The trial demonstrated a 56% reduction in itch for people with eczema. Further studies have shown that over 90% of people start to get relief from itch within minutes of applying the product.

Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser

Suu Balm is a dual benefit skin care product for deep moisturisation and rapid itch relief. Suu Balm is designed for anybody with dry, itchy skin, to provide rapid itch relief and to help increase the frequency of moisturising. Breaking the itch-scratch cycle will help prevent further damage to the skin from scratching.


Suu Balm contains a specific ingredient to provide rapid itch relief menthol which acts by cooling the skin, and triggering receptors in the nerves in the skin, blocking the transmission of itch signals to the brain. At the same time, Ceramides help in restoring the skins moisture.

  • Menthol for fast, cooling itch relief and Ceramides to restore skin moisture.
  • The absence of steroids makes this product suitable for all skin types.


The texture is so light, it immediately penetrates the skin, leaving the surface smooth and comfortable. After 5 minutes, your itch will diminish as your skin works up its moisture balance.



Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, lsopropyl Myristate, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Isostearyl Alcohol and Ceramide III, Carbomer, Hydroxyacetophenone, Aminomethyl Propanol, Phytosteryl/Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate.


Not suitable for children under three years of age, and are recommended for individuals over 12 years old.For children, try a little first to see if it is well tolerated; their skin can be a more sensitive to menthol.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use on broken skin, on wet skin, or near your mouth and eyes; menthol cream can sting if applied to these areas.

RAVE REVIEWSforSuu Balm Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser

  1. Rated5out of 5
    Syai FullMarch 21, 2017
    It really works! My eczema started flaring up on my legs and when I applied Suu Balm, it subsided within a week!

  2. Rated5out of 5
    Nikkit2016October 27, 2017
    I have got sensitive skin and have found that nothing worked until I tried Suu Balm. I would scratch myself raw esp at night but since using this my skin has had a chance to clear up and as a result is in much better condition! Will be continuing to use.

  3. Rated4out of 5
    CiaraNovember 15, 2017
    Love this product! I have very dry skin especially on my shins which gets so itchy and uncomfortable but Suu Balm is so soothing and cooling, it gives instant relief and is a long term solution. You may dislike if you are sensitive to menthol as the smell made my eyes sting when used too close to my face (My mistake and not the product itself!) Also a fab product during hot weather months!

  4. Rated5out of 5
    Samiah KhanNovember 30, 2017
    Suu Balm is an amazing product! After trying many different products for my dry skin and all had failed in alleviating my dry skin. A friend then recommended this to me and it has been a lifesaver! There is no turning back! I literally love Suu Balm and would recommend it to everyone. XO

  5. Rated5out of 5
    Sean YeoJanuary 9, 2018
    Been having eczema problems and I have tried many products that did not help to sooth my itch until my mum introduced me Suu Balm that I finally found a product that can relieve my itch!

  6. Rated5out of 5
    jjziyiMarch 27, 2018
    I have tried tons of creams for my eczema. Suubalm is the first cream which makes me stop scratching after applying. My open wounds are slowly healing as well!

SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
SUU BALM Rapid Itch Relieving Moisturiser, 75ml
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