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About Us

Kare For U is a healthcare and personal protection equipment (PPE) brand by Kare For U Sdn Bhd (KARE). KARE is a subsidiary of Malaysia’s listed company Success Transformer Corporation Berhad.

KARE prioritizes health in this modern era, with the notion that investing in community protection creates the finest future for all. KARE offers a variety of health and safety products, including EasyStickTM Dr. KShield  - a disinfectant and deodorizer stick that is antibacterial and antiviral which can effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your living space.

KARE places the community first at the core of every initiative, particularly in the surge of highly health-conscious in every day of our life. Our products are providing livelihood benefits and we encourage individuals to indulge in healthy lifestyle practices which we together live in a safe, connected and healthy environment today.


At KARE, we take pride in our constant and innovative research, skills and in-depth knowledge in implementation of high quality products in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.