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About Us

Tribit Malaysia

Tribit was born with a singular focus: to bring great beats to the masses.

Our pursuit of audio perfection is only made possible through our talented team of sound engineers and design maestros. Tribit brought together experts in the audio field, with our lead audio engineer hailing from one of the biggest US audio brands with over 15 years of experience. Together, we spent day and night fussing over the smallest details in our ear pieces, tweaking and tuning, so that we could create pieces that brought the best out of your favourite hits.

After months of tweaking, tuning and testing our sound drivers, Tribit debuted into the market in 2017, with its own signature sound; a resonating bass, solid treble and balance all around.

Hike the heights with the Tribit XSound Go's bass thumping with every step you take, or dance like nobody's watching with the X1 True Wireless Earbuds blasting a party into your ears. Every piece is designed to showcase the rumbling bass, detailed mids and crisp trebles of each tune that runs through its sound pieces. All without tearing a hole through the wallet, because great music deserves to be heard by everyone, everywhere.

So turn up the volume on your Tribit, and immerse yourself in the soundwaves and tempos of the best hits all around. Because with Tribit, you're plugging into an experience.



Extraordinary quality

Here at Tribit, we live life freely, and take sound seriously. There's nothing more satisfying than listening to crisp, balanced audio that's deeply immersive. That's why our sound engineers tweak, tune and test our music drivers, for quality that blasts your soundtrack perfectly for every part of your day.

Expressive design

Whether your wardrobe is nothing but black, or you're bubbling with sunshine and rainbows, there's a Tribit designed just for you. From sleek lines and subdued tones, to edgy and vibrant colors, your music player just became your latest accessory.

Experience you can own

It's all about enjoying the music; that's why we pay special attention to product design to ensure a smooth, seamless listening experience. From ear buds that fit like a glove, to speakers that require only a few hours for a week's worth of playtime. The Tribit experience is one you can press play on easily, and seamlessly.


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