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Kacang Macha

About Us

History of Kacang Putih

Any 60s or 70s child would remember the kacang putih uncle plying his trade either from the neighbourhood or outside the school compound. A teenager from those eras would reminisce good times at the cinema when the kacang putih was scooped on to rolled up newspapers, magazines and even phone directories for 10 cents each.

Once a taste for kacang putih is acquired, memories of its stay with us for life. However, not all kacang putih tastes alike, as any connoisseur will agree.”

Company History

Started out in 2005 under Global Traditions Spice Manufacturers as a spice manufacturer, the principals expanded the product range to include the wholesale and distribution of traditional snack food (i.e. Kacang Putih).

From a small company business, we have grown and expanded and are still growing from strength to strength. The key to the company's success is to couple premium quality products with prompt service to ALL our customers.

Kacang Macha’s mission statement is as follows:-

To profitably market a wide range of Made-in-Malaysia products, with emphasis on kacang putih products which uniquely fulfills each individual customer’s requirements and expectations

Product description

General introduction
Muruku is a savoury snack consisting of a deep-fried spiral of bean-based batter. Muruku is typically made from a mixture of urad and rice flour, salt, and flavourings such as chili, asafoetida, ajawain, and other spices. Murukku is an Indian snacks traditionally enjoyed as a treat on Deepavali.

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