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This store is an official Johnny Rich Brewery Sdn Bhd Store. Johnny Rich Brewery Sdn Bhd is a Gruit Beer specialist specializing in crafting Gruit Beers, Ales and fruit wine. We use ancient gruit beer brewing methods to brew all our Gruit beers and Ale. Our Gruit beer are very tasty, less bitter and contains tons of health benefits. We are also a Sanitizer Manufacturer that manufactures Brewing Sanitizers, Antibacterial Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Hand Sanitizer

Gruit Beers are the forefathers of all modern beers (all beers that are brewed using hops are classified as modern beers) Before the Egyptians, the primitive cultures of Mesopotamia are believed to have been the first brewers, though they didn’t make any record but it  happens around 10,000 B.C. The oldest record of Gruit Beers in the world were documented by the Egyptians on their papyrus scrolls around 5,000 B.C. These first beers were brewed with things like dates, pomegranates, herbs and spices. The Egyptians used these beers for religious ceremonies, with the Pharaoh directing the brewing schedule and distribution to the masses.

During ancient days due to their various benefits to our health, medical properties and their many other wonder. These gruit recipes are regarded as something very sacred and their recipes are kept extreme secret. Well guarded by each family, monasteries or churches these recipes, their various brewing process as well as methods were passed from generation to generation or through their various heritage or lineages. Gruit Beer Breweries are mostly found in the western region of the world but still they are very rare due to the ancient secrecy many recipes are almost lost in antiquity.

Johnny Rich Brewery is a gruit beer brewer with more than a decade of gruit beer brewing experience. Originally, gruit beer are brewed with extremely strong alcohol content to prolong their shelf live. Our gruit beer recipes are passed down through our spiritual lineage and we have refined all our recipes by lowering their alcohol percentage to cater to the masses without affecting their various medical or health properties.