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About Us

Global Motion Active Sdn Bhd established since 2014.

To promote Malaysian reading habit, the importance of acquiring information and knowledge by providing professional salesmanship and thus be a leading magazine subscription company in Malaysia

Currently we are the leading magazine subscription agent in Malaysia and Brunei, promoting magazines subscription to individual.

Student Reading Program

Specializing in promoting, student English reading program through Reader’s Digest and BBC Knowledge. This special program will enhance student to improve their English learning language and knowledge.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

This program is special design for corporate company to takes the opportunity, to promote their company image, product offer, customer benefits and etc. The sponsorship program is exciting and very much on cost saving to reach out their respective clients.

Successful careers building

For the past 6 years, we trained many dynamic managers and sales executives who can manage any task.

We are the largest leading magazine subscription company in Malaysia. With our growing reputation, we secured the rights and authorized to promote for National Geographic Magazine ( English, Chinese and Kids editions), English reading program and Individual subscription for Time, Fortune, Forbes Asia, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, Reader's Digest, BBC Earth and other local publication.


Our Magazine

Get your favourite magazines subscription from us. We promote various magazines title that suits every Malaysian.

Magazine List

General New Magazine

- Time Magazine

- 亚洲周刊 Yazhou Zhoukan

Business Magazine

- Forbes Asia

- Fortune

- Bloomberg Businessweek

- The Economist

- Smart Investor

Knowledge / Children Education Magazine

- 国家地理杂志中文版 National Geographic Chinese Edition

- National Geographic English Edition

- National Geographic Kids

- BBC Earth

- Reader Digest

- 读者文摘 Reader Digest

- 少年文摘 Teenagers Digest

- 读者四季刊 Readers


Young Scientist

- Junior Young Scientist

- Young Scientist – Level 1

- Young Scientist – Level 2

- Young Scientist – Level 3

- Young Scientist – Level 4


Smart Mathematicians

- Lower Primary (Standard 1-3)

- Upper Primary (Standard 4-6)


- 十万个为什么 (开心乐龙龙) Happy Dragon 100000 Whys

- 职业人气王系列 Profession Series

- 古灵精怪  Monster World

- 胡童鞋


- 哥妹俩漫画故事Gemelia

- 黑色水母系列 Black Jellyfish

- 江湖Kopitiam系列

- 植物大战僵尸系列 Plants Vs Zombie Series

Travel  Magazine

- Travelution

- 旅游玩家Travelmate

Health Magazine

- Natural Health

- 健康生活 Healthy Life